The 7 most beautifully designed viewpoints in the world!

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Pirates, today we're taking you on a journey to discover the most incredible viewpoints crafted through human ingenuity! These places are works of art in and of themselves: sleek designs, beautiful architecture, and unusual features that allow you to feel fully immersed in your surroundings. And the views aren’t bad either!

Read on to see where you can take in some of the world’s most beautiful vistas in style.

1. Peak Walk - Switzerland

This hair-raising walkway in Switzerland is the first and only bridge in the world that connects two peaks. As you walk its length you’ll have magnificent views of the Alps, including Mont Blanc and Matterhorn.

2. Forest Tower - Denmark

This futuristic spiral tower can be found in Denmark. It’s 45 meters high and offers incredible views of the forest of Gisselfeld Klosters Skove.

3. Iceman Ötzi Peak, Italy

This incredible panoramic point is prime real estate: right on top of the Val Senales glacier in Trentino Alto Adige. From here you can enjoy 360° views of the entire Alpine arc of the area.

4. Landroom, Israel

Tucked away in Israel's remote Negev Desert, this minimalist structure offers spectacular views of the Ramon Crater.

5. Stage of Forest - China

This spot boasts incredible views of the surrounding mountains as well as the picturesque Songhua Lake in the Chinese province of Jilin. It’s particularly impressive in winter, when the area is blanketed in snow.

6. Grand Canyon Skywalk - USA

The Grand Canyon Sky Walk is a horseshoe-shaped suspended walkway in Arizona with stunning views of the western section of the famed Grand Canyon.

7. Stegastein Viewpoint - Norway

This viewpoint is Immersed in nature, offering incredible views of the famous and unique Norwegian fjords. You’ll find it near the town of Aurland, a truly unique place!

The 7 most beautifully designed viewpoints in the world!