The 9 most beautiful lakes in the world!

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So you've conquered the oceans and the seven seas, what else can there be for a pirate to conquer? It's time to head inland, and go on the hunt for some of the most beautiful lakes the world has to offer. We've found our top 9 lakes, with eternal beauty, and are perfect for any pirate adventure! Plus they all look well sexy on Instagram!

1. Plitvice Lakes - Croatia

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2. Moraine Lake - Alberta, Canada

3. Lake Titicaca - Bolivia / Peru

It's worth a mention just for the name ;)

4. The Dead Sea - Israel / Jordan

And no we're not trolling you, it is actually a lake. Just Google it!

5. Derwentwater - UK

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Because you don't have to go abroad for beauty!

6. Crater Lake - Oregon, USA

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7. Dove Lake - Tasmania, Australia

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8. Lake Baikal - Siberia

9. Lake Braies (Pragser Wildsee) - Italy

If these pictures have increased your sense of wanderlust, head to our Search & Book tools to start planning your perfect lakeside getaway!

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The 9 most beautiful lakes in the world! - 2
The 9 most beautiful lakes in the world!

The 9 most beautiful lakes in the world!