The World of the Swimming Pigs - The Bahamas

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The World of the Swimming Pigs - The Bahamas

Oh Dear Lord... I just had to show you these!  

A pal of mine recently introduced me to the world of the "swimming pigs" - I didn't think it was real until I googled it for myself but omg, the first question I asked was "where can i buy one"  - of course I don't think they will look the same running around my crazy paved yard in the tropical climate of the North West and without the sparkly lush sand and crystal clear waters.

These super cute little pigs are found on one of the world's most beautiful island chains - the Bahamas!

The Bahamas are made up of almost 700 islands which you will find over on the southeast of the United States and each one is dappled with palm trees and surrounded by stunning beaches. Whether you plan on doing some snorkeling, diving, relaxing on the beach or you just fancy a leisurely swim with the piggies this is the place to go.


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You will find the swimming pigs on Big Mayor Cay Island where they live and wait for little treats from the tourists.  "The Pig Beach" is also known as "swine beach" and is a popular destination for holiday makers.  How the pigs got there, is not yet entirely clear however some say that the island was once populated by people who owned them as pets.  When the people left the island the "Swimming Pigs" stayed behind. Another claim is that the pigs saved themselves from a shipwreck, they managed to find their way to the island where they have since remained. But no matter how they got there, We are in love with the pigs in the sea!

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Getting across to see these cute little porky pies is super easy as there are many excursions by boat or plane offered on the Big Major Cay. If you plan on popping across to see these guys make sure you take some treats with you such as fruit, bread and other yummy goodies.

Holidays to the Bahamas:

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Can't wait to see these little pigs? Check out Skyscanner for flights to the Bahamas from various UK destinations and put together your own little package.

There are some great accommodation options listed on bookings.com and we suggest that you take a look over there and for those looking to do some traveling about, car hire can be picked up cheaply at carrentals.co.uk

Have a look at  TripAdvisor when planning your holiday to find out whats hot and whats not when it comes to all the local attractions.       

To get an idea where "Pig Beach" is located check out the map below.  You will see it's not just around the corner and not necessarily near Nassau (Bahamas capital) so getting there will depend on which of the many islands you need to start your journey from.

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How to Get to Pig Island:

1. from Nassau: Flight to Nassau, from there a smaller plane will take you to to Staniel Cay or Great Exuma / George Town and then by boat to the floating pigs (you can charter a flight from Nassau for around $1000 for up to 5 people, Yo will then need to add on the costs for a charter boat in Staniel Cay from about $200 for a half day).

2. You can take up an all day trip from the main island of Great Exuma? The boat trip takes about 3 hours each way. There are many organised trips which will set you back around £120 per person which includes Food, etc)   An examples of organised trips is, Exuma Water Sports also 4 C's Adventures

3. From Staniel Cay: A short boat trip from Staniel Cay is  available starting at around £17 for more information on Staniel Cay vacations click here.

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To enter the following documents are required:

  • A Valid passport with at least 6 months prior to expiration.
  • Flight tickets for return or onward travel
  • In aircraft / ship entry application must be filled out, a part of which is stapled into your passport
  • If you travel across the United States of America then the entry requirements of the United States shall apply.
  • no visa requirements for citizens of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or other European countries for visits up to 3 months 

If you have been to see these little fellas before we would LOVE to hear from you - make sure you drop us a comment below so we can hear all about it.

The World of the Swimming Pigs - The Bahamas

The World of the Swimming Pigs - The Bahamas