The world's first BEER HOTEL has arrived

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Ahoy, beer-swigging pirates! What could be better than a brewery brimming with the golden stuff? A brewery with a hotel attached, that's what - and it's exactly what's just touched down in the USA.

Last month, Scottish craft beer giants Brewdog opened up The Doghouse, the world's first hotel to offer guests the chance to stay inside a brewery. Located on its American site in Ohio, the brewery and hotel was successfully crowdfunded last year. Backers of the campaign are the first to have access to room reservations at the hotel, with more than 500 nights already pre-booked by the beer-loving community. Sounds pretty crafty.

Founded in 2007, Brewdog is an established craft beer brewery hailing from Fraserburgh, Scotland. Brewdog now enjoys a cult following, with many of its stylish breweries dotted around Europe. So if it's hotel is as good as its beer, then we're willing to bet that it's beer-y good.

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What does the beer hotel include?

Beer enthusiasts can enjoy staying in one of thirty two unique rooms, with eight deluxe suites available. Each of these deluxe suites are decorated in bespoke art which tells the illustrious history of the brewery. Plush beds, funky interiors and spacious rooms are the norm here.

And if parting with your four-legged friend for a holiday is too painful to consider, fear not: Brewdog does a good job of living up to its name, since dogs are actually allowed to stay in specially selected rooms.

(We recommend they stick to water, though).

Any pirate knows that beer can't be consumed on an empty stomach, breakfast is luckily included! You can also treat yourself to a take away in the food market if you've had a few too many!

And if you're feeling particularly guilty about over doing it, then fear not, there's even a gym! But let's face it - no one comes here to shift the calories.

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© BrewDog

What makes the beer hotel a special brew?

Each room has it's own beer filled fridge, but this isn't just any lager, the beers are handpicked by the two founders James and Martin. If you're looking for a more pampered experience then you can use the rainforest shower and use the beer soap (sadly beer doesn't come out of the shower, a pirate can dream). However there is a beer tap, beer suds ahoy!

If that's still not enough beer for you, then you can treat yo' self to a three course beer breakfast, or a treatment in the beer spa where you can get a hop facial treatment or a barley malt massage.

Summary of the facilities in The Doghouse

  • Beer filled fridge in your room
  • Beer soap
  • Rainforest shower
  • Beer tap in your room
  • Beer breakfast
  • Beer spa

The world's first BEER HOTEL has arrived

© BrewDog

How expensive is the Beer Hotel?

Rooms are between £120-£220 for a room, so it's doesn't come cheap. but we reckon we could drink that in beer alone! If you don't want to fly all the way to Ohio, then we have good news, another Beer hotel is opening up closer to home in Scotland next summer!

Ahoy pirates- set sail to Ohio, drink beer and remember: don't drink and sail!

Get me to Ohio!

We wish you were beer.

The world's first BEER HOTEL has arrived