The best Places in the World for your Family Holiday you wouldn't normally think of!

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The best Places in the World for your Family Holiday you wouldn't normally think of!

The hustles of modern life can make it hard for the family to enjoy quality time together. However, if you are looking to achieve just that this holiday season, a family vacation to an awe-inspiring destination may just be what you need. The following is an outline of ten of the best family oriented holiday destinations.

  1. Lapland
  2. Denmark
  3. Thailand
  4. Belize
  5. Kerala, India
  6. New York City
  7. Hawaii
  8. Prague
  9. Italy
  10. Oman

1) Lapland - the family holiday destination

Lapland is the place to be if what you seek is a magical festive experience with your kids. Situated in Finland, it borders the Gulf of Bothnia in Sweden and Murmansk Oblast, Russia. During the Christmas season, it looks like something out of a Christmas storybook complete with Santa’s official residence, ice hotels and soaring pine trees. While there, you can enjoy skiing, cheer at reindeer races on its frozen lakes, race through the forests with snowmobiles, and try out ice-fishing. What’s more, the aurora borealis between the months of October and March provide a spectacular view.

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2) Denmark - the family holiday destination

Denmark is an incredibly relaxed and safe country, and is the perfect family holiday destination replete with fun activities to indulge as well as a wide variety of exciting things to learn. If you are visiting with kids a visit to its science centres should be among your first stops. They are designed to provide insight to both kids and adults, and while there, you can enjoy live demonstrations and afterwards try out whatever you’ve learnt. After that, you can check out the public open air playgrounds. They offer the ideal environment for a respite and the children a few hours’ worth of happy moments and giggles. In the evenings you can relax and unwind in the great selection of restaurants and bars where kids are always welcome.

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3) Thailand family holiday

Thailand is a great choice for a family vacation. It has so much to see and the kids will never get bored. You can start by checking out Bangkok, and then proceed to the islands. Going a bit into the attractions, if you are visiting with older kids, they will certainly appreciate the villages of the Lahu and Karen tribes. They offer the whole family the chance to enjoy natural surroundings and interact with the locals, not to mention that there are camping facilities for those into that kind of thing. The villages are a welcome contrast to the highly digitised world, with meals being cooked over a campfire, and to christen the whole experience, the kids can partake in the planting and harvesting of rice.

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4) Belize family holiday, Carribean

Belize holds many of the most sought after ingredients that make up a memorable family holiday experience such as enthralling wildlife encounters, adventure, or glorious weather. It is also affordable and safe when compared to other Carribean destinations in the region making it one of the best places for families. Starting with sights for nature lovers, The Community Baboon Sanctuary, which is privately owned features a large number of the endangered black howler monkeys and has guides who know the spots where they hang out most of the time, and so if you have kids, they will definitely enjoy the spectacle of monkeys howling it up in this natural habitat. If you are an adventurous lot, the Maya ruins, dark caves and jungle trails of Belize are sure to enchant even the most jaded of visitors. Sun and sea activities are also abound thanks to its two hundred and forty miles of coastline, and is the place to enjoy saltwater activities especially if you are visiting with older kids, which include windsurfing, sailing, and kayaking. However, the younger ones can also peer at the creatures living in the coral reef.

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5) Kerala, India

If you have never travelled to India, the blizzard of colours and brilliance makes it a worthwhile destination. Its melange of holiday destination ingredients includes elephants, beaches, wildlife parks, jungles, and more. That said, Kerala is one of the places for families featuring palm-fringed beaches, lush waters, and boat-trips to its backwater canals and makes for a fantastic family holiday destination..

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6) New York City family holiday

New York is a fascinating city. It has an ambience of cinematography with its yellow taxis, iconic building, and attitudes usually hinted at in mainstream shows and songs made here. That aside, it is remarkably stimulating for kids of almost all ages and adults alike making it one of the best places for families with its wide range of interactive museums, the renowned Central Park, not to mention the amazing Bronx Zoo, which has a garden with approximately one thousand moths and butterflies.

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7) Hawaii - nice place for you and your family

Hawaii has a large number of islands and among its main attractions are volcanoes, white sands, sea turtles, submarines, and crystal seas. For the family, Kahalu'u Beach Park marine reserve provides ideal waters for wading, swimming, and snorkelling, and Bid Island is an especially great choice for those who would love to enjoy the experience of swimming with dolphins. This makes it one of the most enthralling places for families.

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8) Prague

With delicious chocolates, river boats, and a magnificent castle, Prague guarantees fun for all family members. As the capital of the Czech Republic, it is also one of the most affordable family holiday destinations in Europe. Some of the best places to visit while there include the ancient House of the Stone Bell, where you can enjoy fencing with knights and of course, the little ones will definitely love the funicular train ride to the top of the popular Petrin Hill.

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9) Italy

For Italians, family is at the epicentre of life. Not surprisingly, you will get effusive welcomes everywhere you go. Some of the must see sights include the magnificent Pompeii and Colosseum, and for a fun day out, checking out the beaches, mountains, and boat trips will make great activities. 

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The best Places in the World for your Family Holiday you wouldn't normally think of!

10) Oman

Neighbouring the more popular United Arab Emirates, it is the ideal family getaway with its child-friendly resorts, subtropical northern climate and enchanting desert sand dunes. If you jet in through Muscat, you can head off to the desert where the whole family can indulge in camel trekking, and afterwards camp out Bedouin-style. For those who love the beach, the beaches in the Sharkiya region won’t disappoint. The Ras al-Jinz Circle of Life should also a welcome addition to your itinerary. It offers an untinged natural landscape featuring golden beaches, rugged mountains, and beautiful, green oases.

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The best Places in the World for your Family Holiday you wouldn't normally think of!