Top Cities Around the World With Incredible Graffiti

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Graffiti has a controversial history, with some people viewing it as art and others as vandalism. Either way, there are many beautiful pieces around the world that are more than deserving of some attention. Whether politically charged, sentimental or comical, street art is a form of freedom and expression that's developed its own culture over the last few decades.

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Berlin - Germany

Arguably the street art capital of Europe, you can find some form of street art on almost every street of the city. Ranging from pieces the size of your palm to 30m murals, the city has a bit of everything. The East Side Gallery, a salvaged part of the Berlin Wall stretching over 1km, is dedicated completely to art that reflects the city's difficult history.

Bristol - UK

Rumoured hometown of world famous artist Banksy, Bristol is full of amazing pieces of art. During the 80s there was an explosion in the street art scene and this legacy continues. There are a number of walking tours available to check out the best pieces across the city.

Montreal - Canada

This eclectic North American city is a hotbed of culture; great food, awesome nightlife and amazing street art. Despite graffiti being illegal, street artists are still finding ways to express themselves in a massive scale across the city.

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Paris - France

The famously artistic city certainly isn't lacking when it comes to incredible graffiti. No matter what kind of art you are into, there is definitely something here to get you excited and blow your mind!

New York City - USA

Originating in the subways of the city, graffiti has come a long way in the Big Apple. Regardless of the borough you're exploring, you will catch some very creative and beautiful pieces throughout the city.

Sao Paolo - Brazil

In a controversial plan to 'beautify' the city, the council are beginning to cover up pieces of work across the city by painting them grey. Despite this, street artists are still finding a way to paint the city. You'll find colourful work in plain sight, with more of the risqué pieces found down alleyways and side streets.

Melbourne - Australia

Head down under and check out one of the hottest street art cities in the world. Melbourne offers a very eclectic street art scene, catering to everyone's tastes. A trip to Hosier Lane in the city to check out some of the city's best pieces. You won't be disappointed!

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Top Cities Around the World With  Incredible Graffiti

Top Cities Around the World With Incredible Graffiti