'Vaccine passport' update: vaccinated tourists could be 'fast-tracked' for holidays to Spain

A deal from , 15. Feb. 2021 3:33 pm

Vaccinated Brits hoping for a sunny holiday in Spain could be “fast-tracked”, Spain's foreign minister has said.

Arancha Gonzalez said British tourists who could prove they had had the vaccine, may be welcomed to the country sooner than originally thought.

She told the BBC: “What we have in mind is that obviously people with vaccine certificates are in the lower-risk versus other people who may be on the higher risk and would have to go through the ordinary procedures of PCR tests and the rest.

"But of course there could be some sort of fast-track for people who have gotten their vaccine and can prove it with vaccine certification, where mobility would be easier because they would be in the lower-risk category.

"This is the scheme that Spain together with a group of other countries are working on.”

It is not currently clear how this would work with the UK's current quarantine rules. As things stand, international holidays are illegal and those returning to the UK need to quarantine in a hotel or at home for 10 days.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed the government are looking into 'vaccine certification'. He told Sky News:

“There are some countries around the world that are considering bringing in rules saying you can only travel if you have been vaccinated.

"These aren't in place yet but there are countries who are actively floating this idea and proposing it.

"In that case, it will be important for people from the UK to be able to show whether or not they have been vaccinated in order to travel.

"So we are working with countries around the world on the basis for this and how that vaccine certification can happen in a way that can be assured.

"We want Brits to be able to travel to those countries and therefore enable Brits to be able to demonstrate their vaccine status, so that sort of vaccine certification is something we are talking to our international counterparts about and there are people who are arguing that is the right way to have safe global travel again because obviously that's very restricted at the moment."

'Vaccine passport' update: vaccinated tourists could be 'fast-tracked' for holidays to Spain