#Vanlife: A round-up of places to hire a campervan in 2021

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If you are thinking of holidaying in a different way next year, what about renting your very own campervan? If, like we were, you are unsure of where to start looking we have hunted around and found some cool sites where you can hire a choice of campervans.

There are a number of pros to this kind of holiday, once the restrictions are loosened you can go away with your own household or bubble and not have to worry about mixing with others if you don't want to, you can see much more of the country without a high cost, you can choose your own route and just see the places you want to see and you can choose the number of nights you go away.

Many of the sites give information of places you can park and stay overnight so you can plan your holiday before you go giving you more time to enjoy the break knowing you have everything planned well in advance.

Here is a list of places you can hire a campervan in the UK, check them out and choose which is best for you including cancellation policies, the type of campervan and any amenities you are looking for!


Here you can rent VW campervans or luxury motorhomes directly from the owner of the vehicle.

VW Camper Hire

You can choose your preferred campervan from their selection of vans including Gertie, Bertie, Scarlett, Buddy, Rosie, Sydney, Daisy, Dexter and Monty.

Indie Campers

Book your chosen campervan with huge discounts on offer with the 2021 promo sale, there are also deposit options and payment plans, free cancellation option and long-term rental discounts.

Quirky Campers

This site offers really cool options including pet-friendly options and vans adapted to be more family-friendly. Check out Colonel Mustard, Zeb, Luigi and more.

Wicked Campers

This is one of our favourites from the list, here you can hire vans that will for sure get you noticed, budget friendly and the site also offers great road trip ideas.


Here you will find campervans, motorhomes and even converted vans, they offer free cancellation and many filters to find what you are looking for.

London Campers

Find your perfect campervan in London on this site, including modern campervans as well as retro ones, they also offer a price match guarantee!


There is a wide range of choice of campervans on this great site, loads with cool names and a quick look availability calendar.


You will find a collection of motorhomes on this site and great information on places to stay.

Vroom Vroom Vroom

This site not only has a cool name, the campervan comparison site compares many brands of campervans to show you the best offers.

Bunk Campers

Here you can choose from a variety of places to pick up your campervan including London, Leeds, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Dublin and Belfast.


This site connects you with campervans and motorhomes and their owners, they get paid for use of their vehicle and you get a low price.

Bronte Camper Hire

Pick from many campervans including Charlotte, Cathy and more, you can even hire a van especially for your wedding!

#Vanlife: A round-up of places to hire a campervan in 2021 - 8

#Vanlife: A round-up of places to hire a campervan in 2021 - 6

#Vanlife: A round-up of places to hire a campervan in 2021 - 4

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#Vanlife: A round-up of places to hire a campervan in 2021

#Vanlife: A round-up of places to hire a campervan in 2021