WATCH: This pilot flies THROUGH the Northern Lights!

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Wow! American pilot Ross Franquemont recently flew over Canada at an altitude of 21000m aboard a US Air Force surveillance aircraft. Pretty standard, right? But his flight was far beyond the average when he flew directly through the aurora borealis - aka, the Northern Lights!

His incredible video has already been shared more than 100,000 times on Youtube. No doubt, there's still plenty of shares to go!

source Youtube.com, Extreme Ross

The aurora borealis occurs when electrons in the solar wind collide with gas molecules in the magnetosphere. These electrons are then channeled by the lines of the Earth's magnetic field, producing the breathtaking aurora borealis.

The best time to observe the stunning spectacle is between September 21st-March 21st! It is most commonly seen from Svalbard (Norway), Iceland, Lapland (Finland, Sweden), northern Canada and the far north of Scotland.

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WATCH: This pilot flies THROUGH the Northern Lights!