£1 travel treats - Things to do around around the world for under a quid

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From October 16th, the old £1 coin will no longer be legal tender - RIP. So be quick, and find a way to get rid of your old coins before they're no longer accepted by UK businesses.

So why not head to your local currency exchange to get rid of them, and then spend them on our top seven activities from around the world that cost less than £1! Got any more suggestions? Add them below!

Amsterdam - Cannabis College & Free Walking Tour

The most beautiful girl in the red light district is locked the basement of the #cannabiscollegeamsterdam 🙈🙉🙊 #amsterdam #autopots #cannabis #mmj

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You know us pirates only use herbs in the kitchen but there's a reason that 1.8 million Brits visit the Netherlands each year - and it isn't just to see the latest exhibits at the Rijksmuseum. The non-profit Cannabis College opened in 1997 with the aim of educating the public on the beneficial features of the famous Cannabis sativa L. plant. Guests can learn about organic indoor growing techniques, chat with the staff about coffee shop etiquette, view some hemp made products and try out a vaporiser.

If you're not feeling too light on your feet after the vaporiser, consider taking a Free Walking Tour. Young guides will take you on a 3-hour stroll around the city that takes in the Red Light District, the Anne Frank House and more of Amsterdam's top sights. These guys work off tips, so chuck them more than £1 if you can ;).

New York - Slice of Pizza

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New York is known as an expensive destination (especially with the strong dollar) but there are cheap ways to have fun in the City That Never Sleeps. NYC is famous for its unique version of pizza and there are several spots in the 5 boroughs where you can get a slice for just $1 (including tax!). 1 Dollar Pizza in Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan (748 9th Ave) does exactly what it says on the tin - a thin crust slice of cheese pizza for a buck (80p to you and me).

If you're over the bridge in Brooklyn be sure to try Roll & Go in Bedstuy (1278 Fulton St). Remember pirates: a slice of pizza in the Big Apple can be the size of your head, so fold it in half lengthways like a real New Yorker.

Fly to Dubai - 81p Error Fare

As pirates our telescopes are always pointed towards the horizon, searching out the hottest travel deals and the odd error fare. Certain error fares are quite spectacular - for a brief time last June return flights to Dubai were on sale for just 81p each! Some error fares will be honoured whilst some won't be (did any of you pirates get to fly this Dubai deal?). To ensure that you're always kept in the loop about the latest error fares and travel off, sign up to our WhatsApp service here.

Vietnam - Banh Mi & Bia Hoi

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Vietnam is such a spectacularly varied destination that we never get bored of it. One aspect of the country that we love is the delicious cuisine. A Banh Mi is a Vietnamese-style sandwich - a baguette traditionally filled with cuts of pork, coriander, cucumber, pickled carrots and a cheeky bit of chilli sauce and paté. Across Vietnam you'll find carts selling Banh Mis for about 20,000 Dong (70p). Wash it down with a Bia Hoi (fresh beer, brewed daily and delivered to bars in metal barrels) for 4,000 Dong (14p) and you'll get lunch with change from £1!

Rio de Janeiro - Hire a Bike for the Day

Up to now our £1 activities have centred around food and drink, so it's time to burn off some calories pirates. In Rio de Janeiro their city bike scheme (like a 'Boris Bike') costs just 5 Reais per day (£1.27) for unlimited rides of up to 30 minutes each. You'll see the ubiquitous orange Itaú bikes and docking stations throughout the Cidade Maravilhosa.

They are easily rented and returned using an app on your smart phone - so pick up a cheap SIM card. Take the scenic seafront cycle lane and cruise through Copacabana, Lagoa, Ipanema and Leblon.

Lisbon - Pastel de Belém

After competing with the beautiful people of Rio you've earned a sweet treat pirates. Just €1 (87p) will allow you to partake in Portugal's most delicious dessert - the Pastel de Belém, an egg tart pastry. If you want to try this delicacy without venturing far from the city centre, head to Manteigaria. A worker at this famous bakery (Rated #4 place to eat in Lisbon!) rings a bell outside the door every time a fresh batch has just left the oven. Sprinkle on some cinnamon for extra deliciousness.

If you're out and about at night, lots of bars in the Bairro Alto will sell you a large beer called a balde (literally, 'bucket') for just €1.

East London - £1 Fish

If you want to pick up some dinner without venturing far from home, have a have a look at Upton Park's finest fishmarket.

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£1 travel treats - Things to do around around the world for under a quid - 2
£1 travel treats - Things to do around around the world for under a quid

£1 travel treats - Things to do around around the world for under a quid