Why Barcelona is Perfect for Your Kids

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Why Barcelona is Perfect for Your Kids

When planning your next holiday, why not choose a spot that is ideally suited for children of all ages? Barcelona is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world, and for good reason. Not only is the climate here amenable throughout the year, but the beaches are spectacular and there a host of fun activities to choose from. Of course, finding the best things to do upon arrival can be stressful and confusing. So, let's take a look at some of the top attractions and locations that your kids will remember for a lifetime!


The Beaches

We should first mention one of the most obvious benefits before moving on. The beaches here are truly spectacular. Sands spotted with iron pyrite (fool's gold) are punctuated by the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. There are numerous chiringitos (snack bars) every few hundred metres and restrooms are never far off. Thankfully, all of the popular beaches are located very close to the major metro lines. If you plan on travelling to Barcelona with kids, the best stretches of sand to enjoy are Barceloneta, Castellfdefels and (slightly to the north) Masnou.

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Visiting Barcelona would never be complete without getting a spectacular view of the city. This can be easily accomplished by enjoying a day atop nearby Mount Tibidabo. Adults will often come here to view the famous Tibidabo church, but children can spend hours enjoying the countless rides located within a nearby amusement park. Some of the best attractions include a model of a biplane that circles high in the air and a traditional carousel that will captivate your young ones.

Parc Guell

Constructed by famous artist Antonio Gaudi, this Barcelona park has attracted children since its creation. Defined by coloured tiles and wonderful sculptures, you and your family will be amazed at the sights to be experienced here. This is also a perfect spot to grab a relaxed bite to eat before descending back down into the city itself. Many who travel to Barcelona with kids will make Parc Guell one of their top priorities.

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The Museum of Natural History

This museum is found in a park known as Parc Ciutadella. Not only is it open every day of the week (free on the first Sunday of each month), but the museum offers a number of interesting Barcelona facts for kids. Some of these will include a brief history of the city, the nearby wildlife, the best spots to grab a great meal and interactive displays for those who are lovers of nature. When visiting Barcelona with your kids, make it a point to spend a few hours at this wonderful location.

Parc Ciutadella

When you leave the museum, you have the advantage of enjoying a sun-filled day in Parc Ciutadella. One of the reasons that this park is ideal for your children is that there are a number of interesting performers and attractions to keep you occupied for hours. From jugglers and "human statues" to a lazy boat ride in a nearby lake, the entire family can enjoy this park. Be sure to bring a camera, for you will love the splendid architecture while your kids are certain to want a picture in front of a life-sized wooly mammoth located nearby.

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The Barcelona Zoo

No holiday to Barcelona with kids would be complete without visiting the world-famous Barcelona Zoo. Like the museum, there are many fun Barcelona facts for kids such as what types of animals existed in the region during ancient times and what the landscape looked like millions of years in the past. However, the main attraction is undoubtedly the plethora of wildlife to be found here. Some examples include elephants, komodo dragons, numerous primates and even what is known as an "Aquarama" for daily dolphin shows. Passes are valid for the entire day, so make certain that you allot some time for this wonderful display of flora and fauna.

Football Galore

If you have the opportunity, try to check out a football match at nearby Camp Nou Stadium. In fact, it can be argued that this may very well be the most popular venue for children; particularly if they are fans of such players as Lionel Messi. Tickets here should always be reserved ahead of time and the stadium itself is very easy to reach.

Why Barcelona is Perfect for Your Kids

The Magic Fountains

The name here says it all. If your children have had their fill of learning Barcelona facts for kids and instead wish to relax and enjoy a kaleidoscope of splendour, these fountains are the perfect option. Located in the Montjuic area of the city and very close to Plaça Espanya, these immense fountains are lit up with different colours and during holidays, their rhythm is set to music. Be sure to arrive early, as this spot tends to fill up rather quickly during the busier months of the year.

These are a handful of Barcelona facts for kids and the entire family to keep in mind. Thankfully, you will be able to visit here during any time of the year and enjoy amazing temperatures and weather conditions. With so many options to choose from, this city is indeed a playground for children and adults alike. Be sure to include such a wonderful location in your upcoming travel plans!

Why Barcelona is Perfect for Your Kids