Work and Travel - 20 travel jobs for people who love to travel

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The Global Office: Your 20 Perfect Travel Jobs

We all love travelling, but such adventures can cost a bit of money. Still, work and travel are still able to be used in the same sentence if you choose your employment correctly. After determining that your qualifications match and assuming your skills are in demand, your desire for wanderlust can indeed become a reality. What are the top 20 travel jobs that are ideal for those who love seeing the world?

1. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants very literally have the world underneath their feet. Combining work and travel into a high-flying package, this profession is an excellent way to take off and discover what else is out there. Still, recall that robust security skills are necessary alongside good communication habits.

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2. Cruise Ship Employee

Travelling in style has never been more of a reality for those who choose to work aboard a cruise ship. Fine meals, excellent entertainment and the ability to see some of the most beautiful locations known to man are but a few benefits to be enjoyed.

3. Tour Guide

If you enjoy learning about foreign and exotic locations, a tour guide could be the ideal option. Of course, you will also have to be comfortable giving speeches to large groups of people. The pay is substantial and this profession is always in demand.

4. English Teacher

English is still the most important language in the world for businesses and individuals alike. Those with a native knowledge are always in high demand. Although you may have to display certain accreditations, such formalities are well worth the hard work from a long-term perspective.

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5. Ghostwriter/Editor

Thanks to the Internet, you are now able to submit text and earn money from literally anywhere in the world. If you have a knack for the written language and can manage your time appropriately, a virtual writer is another excellent option. Another reason why this is one of the most popular travel jobs is due to the fact that your pay will tend to remain the same regardless of what country you live in (all clients are virtual).

6. Travel Agent

There is a misconception that travel agents simply sit in an office and cater to the needs of their clients. Although this is one facet of their job title, agents are also able to secure highly discounted flights and all-inclusive holidays. Additionally, you will most likely know a great deal about the region that you are planning to visit!

7. Diplomat

Of course, becoming a diplomat can take a great deal of time and the qualifications are very stringent. The end result of your hard work is the ability to be a guest in any number of foreign countries. First-class travel and even private jets are added "perks" not to be taken lightly.

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8. Charity Worker

Those who are less fortunate than ourselves are in dire need of help. A charity worker is quite a noble profession and while you will be aiding others meet their daily needs, you can also experience some truly exotic locations that may not be accessible to the standard traveller.

9. Merchant Marine

Enlisting in the merchant marines or the Royal Navy will truly be an adventure. Not only will you be able to see the world for free, but you are privileged enough to learn valuable trade skills along the way. These are all quite essential later in life.

10. International Finance

Thanks to the globalisation of the markets, earning a degree in international finance will literally open up a world of possibilities. Many overseas companies are desperate for those who have a native level of English and excellent fiduciary skills. Such travel jobs can take you to locations such as Asia, Europe, the United States and South America.

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11. Archaeologist

What better way to see the world than through the eyes of an ancient civilisation? Archaeology is a highly specialised field and as a result of your diligence, you can explore some stunning locations that are likely to be off limits to the average individual.

12. Missionary

Those who have religious faith may consider taking up missionary work. Not only are such jobs spiritually rewarding, but you will be able to exert a very positive impact upon the lives of those around you. Room and board will tend to be paid for, so this is one of the most economical travel jobs from a more pragmatic point of view.

13. Professional Security

Professional security services are looking for those who are skilled in this field. Job titles can include protecting celebrities, guarding diplomats and giving advice to local security forces. The pay is excellent and if you are a fan of a bit of intrigue, this area of employment is worth a closer look.

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14. Translator

Translation services are another in-demand profession. You will have the opportunity to work with larger companies and with any luck, you could land a full-time position that will allow you to see the world in style.

15. Artist

It is said that the office of an artist in within his or her own mind. Those with a substantial amount of talent can frequently find work abroad. Visit any major city and you will likely come across a great deal of talented artists.

16. Street Performer

People love to be entertained. Should you have a special talent that you feel will attract crowds, why not choose to try your hand as a street performer? You may be surprised to learn that these individuals can earn a substantial amount of money. Finally, your office can literally be anywhere in the world!

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17. Iron Worker

Construction is booming in regions such as South America and Asia. So, iron workers are another lucrative profession to consider. Due to the technical challenges involved, you will earn a good amount of money while enjoying panoramic views from hundreds of metres in the air!

18. Telemarketer

This is another virtual job that has gained popularity due to its sheer flexibility. Telemarketing positions are available on nearly every continent. Still, you should have a sharp wit and a talent for sales to succeed.

19. Scuba Diver

Browsing through any travel brochure will quickly highlight scuba diving as a popular attraction for tourists from throughout the world. Should you be planning on visiting more temperate climates such as the Mediterranean Sea or the Indian Ocean, obtaining a scuba diving certification could present you with ideal work and travel opportunities.

Work and Travel - 20 travel jobs for people who love to travel

20. Bartender

The desire for a cold pint or a tasty cocktail is nearly universal. Should you have the gift for gab and if you enjoy serving a younger crowd, trying your "hand" as a bartender can prove to be a rewarding experience. Once again, you are likely to be able to find work in nearly any country. Should you speak another language besides English, this is an obvious bonus.

So, a kaleidoscope of opportunities awaits should you have the "itch" to explore the world around you. Every one of these professions can be highly satisfying should you be committed to seeing them to fruition. The world is becoming a smaller place and since (arguably) we only live once, why not enjoy the sights and experiences while you still can?

Work and Travel - 20 travel jobs for people who love to travel