Would you go on a NAKED holiday?

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Mateys, would you go on a naked holiday? According to easyJet Traveller Best-Of Awards 2021 'Best Garment-Free Getaway' went to 'Naked The Retreat'.

NAKED The Retreat was put together by a couple, and just half a year after meeting they were off on the first retreat to Malta with 17 other like-minded people. More retreats have taken place in the Dominican Republic, Italy and beautiful Bali to name a few!

You start with a one-off payment which covers your 10-night accommodation in a shared room and food which is all vegan. This doesn't cover the cost of flights or the tuition from the retreat hosts and participation in all the activities - for this, you choose what you pay.

NAKED The Retreat doesn't allow alcohol, drug, stimulant, sugar, gluten, meat, dairy or technology such as mobile phones or laptops.

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So what happens at NAKED The Retreat? Elements include 'breath and movement', 'meditation', 'touch, presence and consent', 'communication' and food'.

Breath and movement includes yoga and qi gong practice, emotional release techniques (bioenergetics, bodywork), ecstatic dance and intentional breathing. The mediation element offers silent sits, nature walks, guided meditations, active meditations (Osho) and invitations into more embodied living and relating, while touch, presence and consent will include exploration of touch, body work, body play and The Wheel of Consent by Betty Martins.

For communication, you will explore transparent Communication, daily circle work, sharing practices: tribal sharing, intentional dialogue and aspects of non-violent communication. Onto food which will see you enjoying abundant vegan meals, mindful eating exercises and a fasting day.

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Also, note there is no requirement to be naked at any time during the retreat.

Would you go on a NAKED holiday?

Would you go on a NAKED holiday?