Visit Tokyo's SNAKE CAFE, where you can have a cuppa in the company of PYTHONS

A deal from , 28. Feb. 2021 3:25 pm

Pirates, you've heard of cat cafes, dog cafes and even owl cafes, but lately it's the snake's time to ssssssshine.

Hidden in Tokyo's ultra-cool Harajuku district lies the Tokyo Snake Centre, a spot where reptile lovers can sip a coffee alongside their favourite animals. The centre features 35 snakes with over 20 species, all of whom visitors can come together to admire in a peaceful environment. The Trans-Pecos rat snake, jungle carpet python, and ball python are just a few of the species guests can cosy up with over a cuppa.

The cover charge at the cafe works out at around £6.50, which includes one drink to accompany visitors. The snakes are kept in transparent cases, with an added fee of around £3.50 to pet them.

The cafe menu itself offers non-alcoholic beverages, such as iced coffee, fruit tea and mango milk, as well as alcoholic tipples, including beer, sangria and rum apple squash. There are also cakes included, plus savoury dishes such as hotdogs, quiches and curries. Visitors can also snap up some snake-themed souvenirs while they're visiting with snakeskin lucky charms, stuffed toy pythons and postcards all available.

Yes, we're sure your Gran would love that postcard up on her fridge - she might even find it hiss-terical!

But even if you think this cafe concept (literally) doesn't have legs, the Tokyo spot has proved popular with tourists from all over the world.

We can't imagine this cafe is every pirate's cup of tea. Would you visit the reptile cafe, or would the company hiss you off?

Visit Tokyo's SNAKE CAFE, where you can have a cuppa in the company of PYTHONS