Your Autumn Holidays: Hold On to That Summer Feeling!

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Your Autumn Holidays: Hold On to That Summer Feeling!

As we have endured what has certainly proved to be a rather stifling summer, many of us are now looking forward to the crisp and cool temperatures associated with autumn. In fact, there are many who are planning a late-season getaway before the holidays come into full swing. Let's look at some of the best spots in the world to visit during the autumn. We will examine where to go during September, October and November. With so many choices to enjoy, there is perhaps no better way to take in the rays and decompress before old man winter is once again upon us.


Autumn Holidays September

The Pyrenees Mountains

It is a great idea to visit this majestic mountain range before the rain and wind that are associated with late autumn come into play. Stretching from the northern border of Spain well inland, the Pyrenees Mountains are impressive in regards to both their scope and their tranquil nature. Of course, there is much more to enjoy then the sight of their snow-capped peaks alone. You can visit cities such as Toulouse and Narbonne. You could choose to take part in many of the wine festivals here during September. Above all, the changing colours of the leaves to be witnessed during late September will present you with a true kaleidoscope of nature. Be sure to bring a camera, for this is a destination not to be missed!

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As the average autumn temperature is around 20ºC, you can be assured that cool evenings and sparkling blue skies await. This seaside resort is quite popular during the summer and by September, most of the very large crowds have departed. This will give you an unfettered opportunity to take a closer look at what can otherwise be considered a rather quaint town. The beaches are also more agreeable and you can walk for kilometres upon the pristine sands while staring out into the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Should you be a fan of sailing, keep in mind that there is a large regatta in late September that is host to more than 300 of the most luxurious yachts on the planet.

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Although Barcelona is considered to be a party city by many throughout the year, you will notice that the streets are less crowded and the hotels are priced cheaper than during the height of the summer season. Why not take a walk and interact with the street vendors on Las Ramblas or instead climb to the top of Mount Tibidabo and observe the panoramic skyline of this scintillating city? One of the best recommendations is to take a few hikes in nature. While the temperatures here may still be a bit balmy during the day, crisp northern breezes will usher in a refreshing dose of dry air. It is also worthwhile to partake in an excursion to Montserrat. It is located only 30 minutes outside of the city by train. Should you enjoy nature, keep this spectacular rock formation in mind.

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Autumn Holidays October

Costa del Sol

Once September comes to an end, the excitement truly begins within this famous Spanish enclave. If you have already become tired of the doldrums of October weather, southern Spain is definitely a worthwhile option. Costa del Sol is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and has been known to be a tourist haven for decades. Much like other major regions throughout the country, the majority of the tourists will no longer be present. It is therefore much easier to find a rental bungalow or a time-share apartment during your stay. The waters are incredibly warm even during the latter half of the month and should you wish to quench your thirst, there are innumerable English-speaking bars which dot the coastline. Be sure to check out popular spots such as Benalmadena and Fuengirola.

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This stunning Greek island is another excellent choice during October. In fact, Rhodes is a tourist hotspot throughout the entire year. One of the most interesting aspects of Rhodes is that there is much more to be experienced than the calm beaches and inviting waters alone. You can take a stroll through ancient towns and observe the many well-preserved Ottoman mansions which line the streets. If you are arriving in early October, the famous Butterfly Valley is a must-see attraction. As its name may hint, this verdant green preserve is the breeding ground for literally thousands of different butterflies. Such a multicoloured spectacle is sure to leave a lasting impression and this valley is ideal is you wish to take the family on a picnic. Another location which is bound to be more peaceful is Kalithea. The medicinal springs here have attracted individuals from all across the world. What better way to soak up the sun than with the help of balmy and soothing mineral water?

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Kas is a lesser-known destination within Turkey and still not to be overlooked. Although the temperatures may still approach 30ºC on occasion, the evenings are cool and dry. Choosing this fishing village is also highly recommended for those who wish to explore the mystical Lycia Valley. There are many ruins to be found here and guided tours are available. Fans of surf and sun can also take advantage of the coastline. Sports such as surfing, snorkeling and fishing are always available and there are even dive stations that provide lessons to those who wish to explore the nearby maritime depths.

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Autumn Holidays November

New York City

While this city may not be as tropical as the destinations that we have already mentioned, there is no doubt that visiting New York during November is one of the best experiences imaginable. The air is crisp and cool while there may even be a hint of snow in the air. As the city is quite festive, you will be able to immerse yourself in the local Thanksgiving traditions as well as the beginnings of world-famous Christmas sales. The Macy's Day Parade is perhaps the most famous event during this month and you can be assured that such a spectacle is found nowhere else on the planet. To take a break from this concrete and crystalline wonder, you can always enjoy a scenic ride on the Metro North Railroad and witness the splendour of the Catskill Mountains; the forest leaves and undulating hills boasting rich hues of auburn, brown and yellow.

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What better place to wile away the hours under a sun-soaked beach than by visiting Hawaii in November? The temperatures here are balmy throughout the year and thankfully, the majority of tourists will have made their way back to the real world. Not only will you be able to enjoy unfettered views of the Pacific Ocean, but you can explore the quaint villages that lie within the foothills of majestic mountains. Although the main island of Hawaii is perhaps the most popular, never forget that other destinations including Oahu, Lanai and Maui are just as unforgettable. If you enjoy hiking, taking a trek up the slopes of Mauna Kea can prove to be both challenging and rewarding. The views from the top are some of the most stunning on the entire planet. It should also be noted here that as you are arriving in November, the prices of most hotels will be substantially cheaper than those encountered during the summer months.

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While many believe that Thailand and Bangkok are great to visit in November, the truth of the matter is that the number of tourists will actually INCREASE during this time. It is a much better idea to head slightly further south and experience Vietnam. Some of the major attractions here are those to be provided by nature herself. There are thousands of square kilometres of jungle to be explored; many of these accessible through guided tours. You can also check out ancient Buddhist temples set within this verdant green landscape. If you are looking to get a bit of a tan, you can head to one of the many white-sand beaches that Vietnam has become famous for. The waters here are accommodating throughout the year and most of the major locations are more than happy to cater to the needs of the tourist. There are also several cultural attractions to not be missed. These include (but are not limited to) Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and the ruins found in Hoi An.

Your Autumn Holidays: Hold On to That Summer Feeling!

So, it should now be clear that the end of the summer season is able to usher in an entirely new wealth of experiences. These are only a few examples of the destinations that you have to choose from. Although the temperatures may descend slightly, by no means does this equate to less locations to be enjoyed around the world. With a bit of planning and foresight, this autumn may very well provide you with memories to last a lifetime!

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Your Autumn Holidays: Hold On to That Summer Feeling!