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Virtual museums - see the world's treasures from your couch

It looks like we'll all be spending more time on the couch in the next few weeks and months. Alongside netflix marathons we've got some great news for those who want a little culture, art or science in their lives - virtual museum tours! 

The 10 best virtual museum tours available online

Brew a tea or coffee, grab a comfy spot and head off on some virtual travelling. Tour the collections of famous museums aroound the world. By avoiding the crowds and queues, we think that sounds even better than actually being at some of our favourite museums! 

Whatever you're interested in, from art to archeology, we've collected our favourite museums that you can tour online.

Vatican City and St Peter's Cathedral in Rome
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Vatican Museums - Rome

Home of the pope and some of Europe's amassed by Pope's of centuries past. There are also many Roman sculptures and pieces of art. The museum was established in the 16th century and shows over 20,000 works to the public. Many smaller museums make up the Vatican museums but perhaps the most famous aspect is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel which was decorated by Michelangelo. 

Virtual tour available HERE

The entrance to the British Museum in London
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British Museum - London

The British Museum in London is world renowned for its collections of works from the Americas, Africa and ancient Egypt. It was established in 1753 and owns some of the world's most treasured artifacts, including the Elgin Marbles. Many of these are the result of British colonial rule and the museum's ownership of them is therefore controversial. 

Online collection HERE

Hermitage - Saint Petersburg

The museum has over 3 million items in their collections although only a small proportion of these are on display. The museum is the second-largest museum in the world.

Virtual tour HERE

Pinacoteca di Brera - Milan

One of the foremost and main galleries in Milan and home to stunning works from Caravaggio and Raphael amongst many others.

Online collection available HERE

Metropolitan Museum - New York

The Met has 5000 years of history in their collections. The museum itself is also an architectural feast to look at. 

Virtual tours and online collections HERE

Uffizi Gallery - Florence

The Uffizi Gallery, in the heart of Florence, is home to some of Italy’s greatest works including pieces by Bottacelli, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

Hypervisions: high definition images of the masterpieces of virtual exhibitions, available HERE

National Gallery of Art - Washington

The gallery is home to large collections of European and American paintings and it has the only work done by Leonardo di Vinci in the Americas.

Virtual tours and online collections HERE

Archaeological Museum - Athens

This is the largest museum in Greece with more than 11,000 exhibits.

Online photo gallery HERE

Prado - Madrid

The Prado dates back almost 200 years and has large collections from Titian, El Greco and other famous Spanish artists as well as many from around the world.

Online collection HERE

Louvre - Paris

Beat the queues at the museum that's home to quite possibly the most-famous piece of art in the world - the Mona Lisa.

Virtual tours online HERE