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Fly to 6 cities for less than it costs to fill up the car

Visit Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, Czechia & Poland, before heading home

from £89

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Raph Giacardi·15/03/2023

There are tons of cheap flights available around Europe and North Africa next month. We've tried to make the most of these bargain fares and managed to build a 6-city trip for less than £90*.

At that price, don't expect checked luggage, reserved seating, priority boarding, or any extras – it's going to be you and a small cabin bag. But if you're willing to travel light, it's a great way to see some top cities for less than it costs to fill the tank of most cars.

The itinerary starts and ends in London.

Pirate note: Flight prices yo-yo all the time. Some fares may have changed by the time you read this.


  • 16 April: London Gatwick to Malaga (Spain)... £8*

Why Malaga? The Mediterranean city has some cool street art (check out the D*Face and Shepard Fairey murals), a Picasso museum (the great was born there) and 16 beaches.

  • 18 April: Malaga to Fes (Morocco)… £10*

Why Fes? For the traditional tanning pits (see gallery), souks, mosques and medina of the place often considered the cultural capital of Morocco.

  • 21 April: Fez to Marseille (France)… £14*

Why Marseille? Take a walk on the Old Port and around the traditional Le Panier neighbourhood, before taking a boat to the Calanques National Park (see gallery).

  • 23 April: Marseille to Milan (Italy)... £12*

Why Milan? For Michelangelo's The Last Supper (book ahead of time) and for the aperitivo culture – find a welcoming bar, sit down, have a drink, some nibbles and relax.

  • 26 April: Milan to Prague (Czechia)... £12*

Why Prague? Historic Old Town… tick. Top museums... tick. Beautiful architecture… tick. Cheap and excellent beer... 100% tick.

  • 29 April: Milan to Krakow (Poland)… £19*

Why Krakow? Check out the Salt Mines, the royal Wawel district, the Old Town and the Old Jewish quarter, before sampling one of Europe's best nightlife.

  • 3 May: Krakow to London… £14*

Your feet are blistered, your head is still sore from that Czech beer and those Polish parties, you've been living out of a small rucksack for the last two weeks, it's time to go home.

Total cost:

  • London-Malaga: £8

  • Malaga-Fes: £10

  • Fes-Marseille: £14

  • Marseille-Milan: £12

  • Milan-Prague: £12

  • Prague-Krakow: £19

  • Krakow-London: £14

    Total: £89

Additional Information

*We might be Pirates, but we’re an honest bunch. We check all our deals when we review them to make sure everything is available. Here’s the catch: with deals this hot, things change quickly: flight prices fluctuate, hotel rooms sell out, currencies yo-yo. Mainly, demand for the best deals means the lowest prices don’t last long. But, if you’ve missed out this time, don’t worry: we’re working on more great offers.