Cheap all-inclusive holidays: Make travel easy

It's easy to see why so many people choose all-inclusive holidays. All-inclusive resorts offer fantastic prices and include snacks, meals, and drinks—both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. That means they are one of the best value holiday types you can go with, especially if you're going away with the whole hungry family These trips are also especially useful for a last-minute holiday; no muss, no fuss! 

We're always on the look out for the next cheap all inclusive holiday deals for you. If you're considering booking your next trip all inclusive and on a budget then you're in the right place! Make big savings whilst still indulging in a luxury holiday by choosing one of our inclusive deals. 

Affordable all-inclusive deals for family holidays

Create unforgettable experiences whilst getting the most out of your money by choosing an all inclusive family holiday. Along with food and drink, most resorts offer activities for the kids, so you can sit back and relax.

Check out some of our cheapest offers for families to popular destinations like Italy, Spain and Greece, and secure your next break with a low deposit.

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All inclusive last minute holidays

All inclusive are a great way of making big savings on a holiday. But combining them with a last minute booking makes it possible to save even more money by getting the lowest possible prices!

Check out some of our offers to popular destinations and simply enter your desired travel dates to discover some last minute all inclusive bargains.

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The best destinations for an all inclusive holiday

While more and more places are offering everything paid for holidays, there are certain destinations we keep going back to time and time again. Here are some of our top choices for booking a no-fuss holiday with low prices that won't break the bank.



It's hard to pick a favourite spot in Turkey, but it holds something different for every kind of traveler. You may prefer the fast-moving city life in Istanbul, or the local culture in the small villages on the border with the Mediterranean. What many people come for, however, is the stunning beaches along the coast, where hot and sunny days are practically guaranteed. Booking all inclusive gets you access to the best spots without having to do lots of research.



A holiday in Greece never goes amiss. World-renowned (and inexpensive) food, crumbling ruins, rocky beaches overlooking turquoise waters, sunny days and cool nights: you can get it all in one trip. It’s easy to find all-inclusive holidays in Greece that put you right next to the beach, with pools, amenities, and access to extras like guides or transport for checking out the sites.



While it may be a bit further afield, the Caribbean is definitely worth the trip. If all inclusive to you = relaxation, then the Caribbean is your spot. A slower pace then some of the more party-central destinations, a Caribbean all-inclusive is all about spending time sitting by the beach with a cocktail in hand, letting the day pass lazily by. Some favourite spots are Barbados and St. Lucia.



Cuba has enticed visitors for years who hope to take in the country’s signature aesthetics (bright colours, beautiful vintage cars, glistening beaches) as well as the small-town charm that seems to exist even in the most bustling areas. If a luxury all inclusive holiday is what you’re looking for, look no further. Whether it’s signing up for salsa dancing, bar hopping, or simply lounging by the pool, you’ll find the ultimate in all inclusive getaways in Cuba.



An old classic (for a reason), Portugal is a haven for foodies and nature lovers alike. The Algarve, with its stunning views, glittering beaches, impressive rock formations, and fresh seafood, is one of the most popular spots for an all-inclusive trip. A great budget destination (and not too far a flight), Portugal is ideal for that long weekend getaway or group trip you’ve been meaning to take but have been too busy to plan.

What does all-inclusive actually mean?

As the name suggests, all inclusive means that everything pertaining to your holiday is included in one price. That means that your flight, hotel and meals are all paid for ahead of departure, so you can kick back and relax with nothing to worry about upon arrival. This means that all inclusive holidays are a great option for families, with the kids able to fetch drinks and snacks as they please and parents not having to worry about mounting costs.

As well as breakfast, lunch and dinner, most all inclusive hotels and resorts offer up both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks in between meals and sometimes even wellness treatments like massages. The free drinks selection is sometimes limited, meaning if it's a fancy cocktail or expensive wine you're after, you might have to shell out extra.

However, just what extras outside of the flights, accommodation and food is included in the price differs between operators, hotels and resorts. We suggest always closely checking what is included in the price with each offer and operator before booking.


What is all-inclusive plus?

All inclusive plus essentially includes most or all of the things that aren't available in the standard all inclusive package. Once again, this differs between operators. Some common examples are a much wider range of alcoholic drinks, eating from the a la carte menu instead of the buffet, a regularly restocked minibar in the hotel room, room service and more.

Plus could make sense for you if you're heading to a hotel that offers sport courses or equipment for hire, such as windsurfing or diving. Equipment hire and even training is often included in an all inclusive plus package whereas this would cost considerably more with the standard package.


How is all inclusive different from full board?

Full board holidays cover all your essential needs but not the extras that all inclusive offer. This means that full board will get you your three meals a day during the standard meal times, but nothing outside of this. Drinks are also not included with meals with full board, although breakfast usually comes with coffee, tea and juice. Drinks from the bar, snacks and hot drinks in between meal times and everything else will all cost extra.

Similar to full board is the all inclusive light package that many operators now offer. All inclusive light doesn't include all the drinks and snacks in between meal times like all inclusive, but the difference to full board is that drinks are included in price at meal times. The advantage of light is of course that it is cheaper, but depending on how many extras you fancy while there, the price could add up.

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