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Find and book flight deals with HolidayPirates

When booking a holiday, flights are usually your first port of call. Whether you’re looking for flight inside Europe or the long haul holiday of a lifetime, finding the right fare at the right price can be a bit of a minefield. However, deals are to be had both by booking last minute and long in advance. There are lots of reasons for this and prices depend on many factors. As we said, it can be a minefield!

Check out our hand-picked deals above if you need some inspiration. We offer deals for flights across the world, including round trip offers, which are often a great way to grab a bargain. Or do you have your dream destination and dates already in mind? If so, compare prices with our flight price comparison checker or read on for some pirate tips for how to find the best deals for your flights.

How do I find the cheapest flights?

  • Always keep your searches private - looking for cheap air fares should always be done in ‘incognito mode’ as this stops cookies from ‘remembering’ your previous searches and possibly displaying higher prices.
  • Book separately - by booking your flight and hotel in different transactions you can save money. However, bear in mind that your holiday will not be ATOL protected if you choose this method. If you would prefer the protection, then opt for a company that offers ATOL.
  • Keep an eye out for sales - it seems obvious, but sales are a great way to snap up low cost flights. Certain airlines have regular sales where they slash their fares and offer unbelievable deals. Also, keep your eyes peeled for famous flash sales. Airlines like Qantas and Air New Zealand are known for offering very limited seats to a number of exciting destinations.
  • Consider your departure airport - this trick works the other way round too. Flying from different airports in the UK can also affect how much you shell out for a flight. When booking a flight, consider other airports that are close by. Differing school holidays across the country can also have a big impact on prices.
  • Find the cheapest days to fly - for short haul flights, Friday - Sunday dates are usually the priciest. If you have any wiggle room in your departure dates, 24 hours either side can make a lot of difference. You can use tools like Google Flights to search for the cheapest dates for your length of travel.
  • Collect points - a lot of airlines offer loyalty schemes whereby you collect points which you can redeem against future flights and business class upgrades. Many airlines offer credit cards and other forms of collecting points so you just need to find the type that works best for you.
  • Budget vs other airlines - when booking a flight keep in mind that even though budget airlines like Ryanair and easyJet offer very cheap fares, prices can quickly add up when adding checked bags and buying food on board etc. That means that it can sometimes prove cheaper to upgrade your airline to one that includes bags and meals as standard.
  • Think of alternative options - flexibility can be key. A lot of cities have more than one airport and choosing an alternate one can save you a small fortune. However, keep in mind the cost involved in getting to your hotel. For example, a flight to Newark (New York) may be cheaper, but it’s further away from the city centre than JFK airport. Another option is to fly to nearby cities which may be cheaper to fly to. Fares to Florence in Italy can be expensive, but flights to nearby Pisa are usually much more affordable.

Last minute vs Advance fares

There’s been a lot of chat recently on what gets you the best price, booking in advance or waiting until the last minute. The fact of the matter is, is that flight prices change all the time, sometimes on a daily basis. This is due to supply and demand, if a flight is filling up fast, maybe off the back of a fare sale, prices will increase with the demand.

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