The best winter sun & winter break deals for 2022

Just because the weather is chilly at home doesn't mean you should stop travelling! Winter breaks are fantastic options for family holidayscouples trips, and groups looking to celebrate the holidays together. Explore our cheap winter sun deals that will help you see the sunny side of life between November and March.

But of course, we also have great deals for those of you who don't necessarily want to spend Christmastime in the sun. Go and check out our Christmas market deals or explore the best destinations for Christmas holidays in general.

The Best Destinations for Winter Sun

1. The Canary Islands, Spain

Top of our list is a holiday in the Canary Islands, where clear skies and warm temperatures persist even as the weather grows dreary in the UK. The average temperature is around 20-28 degrees in the winter months, with about 6 hours of sun in December and January and up to 7 in February. Tenerife and Lanzarote tend to be the hottest options, but all the islands have something to offer if you’re looking to escape the cold. Take the cable car up Mt. Teide, the dormant volcano that stands out against Tenerife’s landscape, or take in the almost extra-terrestrial nature of Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote.

2. Marrakech, Morocco

While a trip to Morocco’s breezy coast makes for an ideal summer getaway, winter beckons travellers to explore further inland. Marrakech winter weather hovers around 20 degrees as coastal cities bear the brunt of the rain and cold. Given that stifling temperatures can dominant the inland cities in peak summer, when most people do their traveling, you’re more likely to have pleasant weather for walking around and taking in the sights on foot in winter. Be sure to check out the sprawling Bahia Palace and admire the Koutoubia Mosque before hitting the street food stalls for a well-deserved snack.

3. Cape Verde, Africa

If you’re willing to tack on a bit of travel time, head further south from the Canary Islands and take a trip to Cape Verde, the set of picturesque islands flung off Africa’s western coast. You’ll be rewarded with temperatures around 20 degrees, long days of sun, and fewer crowds than more frequented winter destinations in Europe. Cape Verde is a particularly good place for a package holiday in Africa, perfect if you’re looking for a stress-free trip to start your new year off right or take the edge off of a long, cold February. Walk the wild Deserto de Viana on the island of Boa Vista, check out the healing waters of Pedra de Lume on the island of Sal, or spend a week island-hopping if you just can’t choose.

4. Dubai, UAE

Dubai is the perfect winter destination, with summer temperatures easily reaching into the 40s, making almost any outdoor excursion a no-go. As the city heads into winter, however, the air starts to cool to a pleasing 24 - 30 degrees and residents can expect between 8 and 10 hours of sun per day. Take advantage of the weather with a glamping trip to the desert, go kayaking with friends at Hatta Dam, or just lay out on one of the city’s nearby beaches and soak up the sun. End your trip by enjoying a cocktail at a rooftop bar, where you can take in impressive urban landscape of this super modern city beneath the glow of the setting sun.

5. Oaxaca, Mexico

A trip to Mexico works any time of the year, but beautiful Oaxaca in the south invites you in with temperatures in the high 20s, strollable streets, and some of Mexico’s best eats. Walk around the city markets trying homemade mole and mezcal to keep you satiated as you wander the city taking in the street art. Oaxaca is best explored on foot, starting in the Zocalo (the centre) and working your way out into the neighbourhoods. Once you’ve gotten your fill of all the city has to offer, plan a day trip to Monte Alban, a well-preserved archaeological site with climb-able ruins.

6. Koh Lanta, Thailand

While partygoers may fare better on Kho Phangan, home of the monthly Full Moon Party, Koh Lanta is perfect for a relaxed beach trip right in the middle of the winter season. A holiday in Thailand isn’t complete without warm weather and sunny days, and Koh Lanta delivers with temperatures in the low 30s and clear skies (at least in January and February). Grab a scooter to explore the island on two wheels, and head for the balmy southern beaches, where tourist crowds are fewer. With snorkeling, scuba diving and paddle boarding available, you’ll have plenty of activities to fill your days.