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Mexico holidays: Beautiful beaches and fascinating history

Enjoy your next holiday in Mexico, whether you spend it lounging on the sun-kissed beaches of Cancun and Mazatlan, exploring Aztec history at Teotihuacan and Chichén Itzá, or experiencing the modern cultures of Mexico City and Guadalajara. Mexico brings together the ideal elements for a special family holiday, romantic break at the golden coasts, or the ultimate party trip with friends.

When to take a holiday in Mexico

As a vast country, the weather can vary a lot from the deserts of the north to the mountains to the south and all the cities and coasts in between. That said, when it's cold and snowy in Europe in the middle of winter, Mexico still boasts pleasant weather. Mexico City usually enjoys temperatures around 22°C to 25°C in January and February and rising to near 30°C in summer on average. Destinations such as Chichén Itzá usually experience 30-degree weather even in the middle of winter.

Are holidays in Mexico safe?

Mexico is in the World Trade Organisation's top 10 most visited countries in the world. It's easy to understand why, with a fascinating history, gorgeous natural surroundings, and vibrant entertainment in Mexico's cities and resorts.

With the usual common sense you'd employ on any trip, you should have a safe trip in the country. Sticking to the major downtown areas of the big cities, where most of the interesting sights are in any case, will put you in good stead. The major beach resorts are very accommodating for visitors, and the vast majority of travellers have no issues at all.

The best things to do in Mexico

1. Mexico City Historic Centre – Features magnificent structures including the Metropolitan Cathedral.

2. Pyramid of the Sun – A pre-Aztec wonder.

3. Copper Canyon – See the beautiful wilds of Mexico on horseback or with adventurous hikes.

4. Chichén Itzá – A world-famous Mayan pyramid built in the region's signature step style, distinct from the smooth edges of Egyptian pyramids.

5. Sistema Dos Ojos – The ultimate cave diving experience, with naturally-formed snorkelling caverns.

6. Pico de Orizaba – The country's highest mountain, perfect for seasoned climbers.

7. Cancun ­– The ultimate Mexican beach resort, with splendid beaches and nightlife.

8. Cabo San Lucas ­­­ – Experience a tranquil escape as you dive beneath the waves and admire the gorgeous local rock formations.

9. Monterrey – Get amazing views across the city and mountains in its Garden District.

What are the best places to visit?

Visit the capital — Mexico City

Make your way to Mexico City, and visit the incredibly beautiful National Palace located on Main Square. This imperial palace is home to Diego Rivera murals depicting Mexican history and civilization. Teotihuacan in the northeast is an extensive archaeological site where you can check out the ancient ruins, including the majestic Pyramid of the Sun and Moon. Framed by national parks and mountains, this vibrant megametropolis offers an exciting mix of nature, culture, and art. Our highlights:

the historic old town

the huge Chapultepec Park

the ruins of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan in the Anthropological Museum

the floating gardens of Xochimilco

Make sure to carve out some time!

Adventures in the Yucatán

Your stay in the Yucatán should be completely relaxed. Cancún and Tulum are the most popular seaside resorts of the Riviera Maya. White sand beaches, shady palm trees, and a fascinating underwater world (with an underwater museum) attract snorkelers, divers, and sun worshipers from all over the world. Take a day off from sunning yourself for a day trip to Chichén Itzá. Nestled on the Yucatán Peninsula, Chichén Itzá is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the new wonders of the world. One of the most significant sites for Mayan ruins, Chichén Itzá is dominated by an incredible pyramid called El Castillo (Temple of Kukulcan).

Party vacation in Tijuana

Tijuana, the wrestling centre and "Gateway to the United States", is located in northwest Mexico about 30 kilometres from San Diego, making it easy to get a glimpse of southern California during your stay. More often, however, tourists stream in the other direction—Californians love the clubs and casinos in the entertainment district of this Mexican city.

Sightseeing in Guadalajara

Escape to the city of Guadalajara, the land of mariachi and tequila. Here you will find the Metropolitan Cathedral, a great example of baroque and Gothic architecture. The Hospicio Cabañas is not to be missed, as it is one of the oldest hospitals in the Americas.

What are the best beaches in Mexico?

Palm-fringed beaches, fantastic coral reefs, eye-popping blue water, and gorgeous coastal resorts make Mexico a beach lover’s paradise.

Tulum Beach

Located about a two-hour drive from Cancun, Tulum beach is known for its 13th-century Mayan ruins. The beach offers soft white sand, clear turquoise waters, and many limestone pools ideal for swimming. You will also find several beach resorts and hotels in the area.

Akumal Beach

Akumal Beach in the Riviera Maya is a favourite beach hotspot for both visitors and locals alike. The beach is home to stunning coral beds, perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving. Several hotels, restaurants, and bars can be found near the beach area

Cancun Beach

Spreading across 14 miles, Cancun Beach is one of the best beaches in Mexico and boasts sapphire-blue waters and pristine white sand. The beach is best known for its water activities such as snorkelling, paddle boarding, scuba diving, kayaking, and fishing.

Playa Norte

Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres features shining white sand and crystal clear waters. If you are looking for a family beach holiday, spend a day on this beach, which offers calm and shallow water with safe swimming opportunities for kids. The beach area also has plenty of beach bars, restaurants, and resorts.

The Most Beautiful Natural Swimming Pools In Mexico

If you have a trip planned to Cancún sometime soon, then you're going to want to set aside time to see some of the Yucatán Peninsula's famous natural swimming pools, or cenotes. Formed when limestone collapses and reveals previously hidden water, these pools are fantastic for cooling off, and sometimes link up to underground cave networks. Take a look at some of Mexico's most beautiful cenotes below.

1. Cenote Chaak Tun

If you're anywhere near Playa del Carmen, you'll want to visit this hidden gem with its impressive stalactites and many hidden corners.

2. Cenote Maya

You can enter this gorgeous cenote by rappelling 85 feet through a hole in the dome-shaped rock above the water.

3. Cenote Samula

Located at near Valladolid, Samula is one of two popular and beautiful cenotes in Dzitnup (the other being X'Keken).

4. Cenote Zaci

Located in the heart of Valladolid, this beautiful cenote is accessible via stone stairs that wind their way around the walls of the cavern.

5. Dos Ojos

These are actually two cenotes north of Tulumconnected to a huge cave system, and it's easy to join a guided cave dive.

6. Gran Cenote

This cenote near Tulum is actually part of the longest surveyed underwater cave system in the worl

7. Ik Kil

One of the Yucatán's most famous cenotes, this pool is close to the Chichen Itza ruins, and was was once considered sacred by the Mayan people.

8. Jardín del Edén

With a name meaning "Garden of Eden," this open-air cenote is just as beautiful as you'd expect it to be.

9. Tamcach-Ha

This underground cenote has jumping platforms for the brave—one at around 15 feet, and one at around 30!

10. X'keken

Located right near Cenote Samula, this cavern contains turquoise waters and exquisite rock formations.