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Holidays in Turkey: For budget conscious travellers


Holidays in Turkey offer visitors a truly enlightening experience to explore the countries' multicultural traditions while keeping within their budget.

The country's population is a mixture of people from different ethnic backgrounds and is home to the most archaeological sites in the world, as well as amazing beaches. And trips there can often be cheap! Especially with last minute deals to Turkey you can save quite some money.

Travel highlights of Turkey

Visitors deciding to spend their holidays in Turkey, will experience the beauty of eastern culture harmonising with the west. Istanbul is the only city in the world that is positioned on two continents (Europe & Asia) – this on its own is a wonder. There is so much to do in this beautiful country, and you could easily spend a few weeks travelling from town to town, having cheap breaks away in metropolitan cities such as Ankara or Istanbul, and exploring the breath-taking countryside of Amasya, and of course, the magnificent coasts of Antalya.

Another highlight are the beautiful Turkish beaches of course. No matter if you are going to one of the many beach resorts along the coast, or prefer a different type of hotel. Turkey offers amazing beach destinations like Bodrum, Side or Alanya. But even if you go on a city break to a metropolis like Antalya, scenic beaches are always nearby in Turkey.


Shopping for less

Turkey is a shopper's paradise with the city of Istanbul housing one of the world's largest and oldest covered markets. The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is spread over 61 streets and is home to more than 3000 shops – which attract visitors looking to shop for spices, rugs, mosaic art, ornaments, and much more. Stall owners do not generally list prices on their items and shoppers should be prepared to haggle their way in order to get the best value for items purchased. For travellers who are coming to explore the shopping scene in Turkey and looking for a good bargain, then this colourful market is the place to visit.

The Cuisine

Food and eating will play a great part during your break in Turkey, as food forms a large part of the culture. People from across the globe make their way to this culinary-rich country to sample the delicious food that Turkey has to offer. During your Turkish escape, visitors will be captivated by the array of restaurants and eateries that make up the core of most streets. As you stroll along the pavement, your senses will be awoken by the infusion of aromas and food-vendors inviting pedestrians to come sample the different foods they have to offer. The food is authentic and rich in flavour, without compromising on price.

What is the best time to visit?

When looking for the best time to visit Turkey to get the best of it all, visiting over the spring and autumn seasons is a wonderful option as holiday-makers are bound to enjoy warm days and almost no rain.

Travel tips

  • See Turkey beyond Istanbul

  • Use public transport to navigate the cities

  • Pack comfortable walking shoes

  • Be vigilant to avoid scams

  • Always bargain for the best price

  • Take in every moment


Top 10 things to do in Turkey

  1. Visit Hagia Sophia

  2. Take a Cappadocia tour with sunrise on hot air balloon

  3. See the Topkapi Palace

  4. Visit Ephesus

  5. Hike Mount Nemrut

  6. See Aspendos

  7. Go on a Bosphorus cruise to Princes’ Islands

  8. Take a trip to the Pamukkale water terraces

  9. Take in the Basilica Cistern

  10. Visit a Turkish Bath

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