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Check out our hot deals for early-bird holidays

Book early-bird holidays for big savings

Ever tried to book a holiday at the eleventh hour, only to find the flights are way out of your price range? Sometimes you can get lucky with a last-minute holiday, but the easiest way to get the cheapest deals is booking well in advance with an early-bird deal! You know what they say; the early bird gets the... holiday! 

On this page we'll show you how save big on flights and holidays by booking early, weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of booking your holiday way ahead of departure and bring you our best early-bird holiday deals. 

6 reasons why you should consider an early-bird deal

Booking early isn't always the right answer if you're looking for the cheapest fares. However, for summer holidays that include the most popular dates, it's often the only way! Here are 6 benefits to booking your summer holiday early that you might miss out on with a last minute or later booking.

  • You should get the exact dates you want: Summer holidays are popular for many reasons, such as the best weather and the fact that you don't have to pull your kids out of school. But that means they sell out fast. Booking early means you have a much higher chance of getting the exact dates you want before they sell out.

  • The fares are often cheaper: This one depends on the flight, airline, destination and more, but early-bird deals are usually cheaper than if you book with a few months or weeks until departure. Flight prices increase right up until the last minute if and when seats are still available. You'll also get the the chance to take advantage of offers such as January sales.

  • Low deposit and gradual payment: Most operators and package provides will allow you to secure your holiday with a low deposit and for you to pay in increments. This gives you plenty of time to save up while paying off the holiday little by little.

  • It's stress-free and leaves more time for planning: Booking last minute is exciting, but it can also be stressful. Taking advantage of early deals means you have plenty of time to plan all the holiday activities, the sights you want to see and all the things you want to do.

  • Let the pre-holiday buzz build: For us, all that planning and day dreaming is part of the excitement of looking forward to your holiday. There's plenty of time for the excitement to build while waiting months for your departure, making finally jetting off all the more rewarding.

  • It's easier to get time off work: Your employer will also appreciate your shrewdness in booking an early-bird deal. Putting in your work holiday request early will almost certainly lead to it getting approved, saving you more stress and planning.

How far in advance should I book a holiday?

Whether you're considering a trip next summer or already on the hunt for a cheap deal, there are many reasons to secure your holiday a year in advance.

Flight schedules for the next year are usually released in September or October. When new flight schedules are first released, fares tend to be at their lowest. As demand for certain dates increases, especially in peak seasons like summer or over bank holidays, prices will increase. So if you book your summer holidays many months in advance, you’re much more likely to get a good deal than if you book it just a month or two before. In fact, we've found that around a year in advance is the cheapest time to book a summer holiday. This changes depending on the time of year you travel. For example, breaks such as Easter are usually cheapest at around three months ahead.

Flights aren’t the only reason to look for early-bird travel. Many travel companies are willing to give discounts for travel booked well ahead of time in order to get business on the books for the coming year. Whether you're planning your ultimate solo trip or gathering your friends together for an epic group holiday, you are sure to save money compared with booking closer to the departure date.

Not only that, but you can also very often secure your holiday for a very small deposit. With the trip not taking place until many months or even a year later, most operators are happy to book for a deposit sometimes as low as £10.