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Find cheap hotels with HolidayPirates

Finding great hotel deals can be a full time occupation – just take our word for it! But don't worry - we scour the web every day hunting for the best discount hotels for every possible scenario so you don't have to. Wherever you go on holiday you need somewhere for an overnight stay and accommodation is often the biggest expense. That’s why finding the best possible accommodation deal can make a big difference on how affordable your trip is.

These days, hotels come in all shapes and sizes, from bargain budget to 5* luxury. Whatever you choose, we aim to bring you the best possible deal for your room. Use the search filter above to browse our deals or find the perfect stay for a glamping experience, a modern retreat for your action packed city break or a luxury hotel for a luxury holiday, we’ve got it all.

How do you choose the right hotel?

Regardless of where you're going, the selection of hotels is almost always huge. From cheap hotels near the airport to mid-range accommodation on the outskirts of town to luxury spots in the city center, there's a lot to choose from.

The location

The location is often one of the most important factors. Depending on what you are hoping to do during your trip, if you want to save money it's best to start looking at more affordable locations—outside the city centre or not directly on the beach, for example.

For instance, if you're planning a short weekend trip and want to spend most of your time exploring, you should try to stay in the city centre, but can compensate by booking a smaller (and cheaper) room.


Amenities are often crucial—and we're not just talking about an electric kettle in the room. If you want a beach holiday, beachfront access and a pool will improve your experience significantly. If you're looking for a spa getaway, your hotel should have a sauna, a jacuzzi, etc. And if you're traveling with friends, a good pub around the corner wouldn't hurt.

The price

Unfortunately, when making your final decision about the break you want you always have to consider the price. It's not all bad, though! Thanks to filter features, it can be quite easy to find a hotel that offers everything you are looking for—and at a reasonable price.

How do I get cheap hotel deals?

All it takes is a bit of patience and willingness to do the leg work, coupled with a bit of luck. Below we’ll equip you with some of our top tips on how to find budget rooms. And remember: if everything else fails, you can always come back to our site for inspiration!

1. Research using severals OTAs

There are a slew of hotel OTAs (online travel agencies) and meta-search tools that you can use in your search, and it is often worthwhile to compare between a few sites before making your booking. If you found a spot you like, open several tabs simultaneously and search for it on several sites at the same time.

Our favourite is our hotel finder (which is powered by KAYAK). You will find that most OTAs come up here, and it’s a great place to start your search.

You could also look straight over at for instance Make use of the filters to narrow your search down.

Some OTAs specialise in specific regions. Agoda, for example, has a great accommodation catalogue for Asia.

Expedia, Lastminute and Loveholidays are great for flight and hotel packages.

2. Sign-up for hotel loyalty programs

Hotel groups and many of the sites mentioned above have loyalty programs, which let you register for free and often award you a signing up discount. Then you collect points every time you stay with them, and can take advantage of member-only rates.

3. Search for coupon codes

Google is your friend in this instance. Enter the name of the OTA you want to book on, for instance Expedia, followed by “discount code”, “promo code” or “coupon code”.

4. Keep your eyes peeled for hotel sales

Depending on how dedicated you are, you could sign up to receive newsletters from your favourite hotels to find out about sales, and follow them on social media platforms to find out about hotel deals first. Keep checking back with the company, especially around Black Friday, when a lot of chains offer generous discounts and promo codes!

5. Travel out of season

Yeah we get it, you want to travel in August like everyone else. But, consider travelling out of season to avoid having to fight for your spot on the beach with an angry German woman or trying to wedge yourself through the door of the Uffizi Gallery sandwiched between a hoard of students. For instance, most Las Vegas resorts are almost half price in January/February compared to the rest of the year!

6. Use your airline miles

You can often use your credit card airline miles to make savings on hotels, too.

Is last-minute hotel booking cheaper?

This is a tricky question, and the answer is that it sometimes depends on the destination. As a general rule you can save a lot with real advance bookings (one month or more), which also comes with a certain peace of mind. However, most room prices drop closer to check-in date (or, on the actual check-in date) as hotels ultimately would rather have a room booked for the night than standing vacant. The question is, do you have the level-headedness needed to gamble and wait with booking, in order to bag those last-minute hotel bargains? Our advice is to try and stay flexible with your dates. You can sometimes save money by choosing to check-in the day before/after your desired date!

Check out our guide on all you need to know about last minute holidays if you want more information on this topic.