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Cheap last-minute holiday deals 2022


When the urge to travel strikes, you want to get to your favourite destinations as soon as possible. While conventional wisdom says that booking an early bird holiday deal in advance is the easiest way to snag budget flights and accommodation, you can actually find some of the best and cheapest offers when you book a last minute holiday. This is especially true for those wanting a solo trip, as it may be easier to travel spontaneously, although group getaways are definitely possible if you act fast! Whether it’s a last minute getaway in Greece or a spa weekend in Spain, we’ve got the best offers for your next last-minute holiday. 

Save money, start your holiday sooner and book a last-minute trip or check out our guides to all types of holidays.

Package holiday last minute destinations

Travelling is a complicated theme right now and planning ahead isn't easy. But that just means it's a better time than ever to do things last minute - or even last second!

Booking package holidays is always a good idea if value is what you're looking for. Booking them last minute can make things even cheaper! Here are our latest last minute deals to some hot destinations.

Last-minute holidays to Spain

If you’re looking for guaranteed sun, there’s no place better than Spain. Book a blissful last-minute beach getaway to Majorca and Tenerife, or strap on your sandals to explore the busy streets of Barcelona and Madrid.

Spain’s popularity means you can catch a spontaneous flight for your last minute holiday almost any time of the day, and the travel times to most of the country’s hotspots are only a couple of hours—in no time at all you can be sipping sangria beachside in the balmy southern weather.

For bigger savings (and more money to spend on that second order of tapas), our late deals give you the best and cheapest flight + accommodation combos. Sort out your next trip with just the click of a button, and soon you’ll be dipping your toes in the glittering blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Last-minute holidays to Greece

Come for the food, stay for the views. It’s hard to choose a favourite place to stay in Greece, which gives you all the more reason to keep going back.

For sun-seekers, there’s no question: the Greek islands are the envy of the rest of Europe, and the perfect place for a spontaneous last minute holiday spent laying on the beach. Historical centres like Athens and Thessaloniki offer a little something for everyone, packed with fascinating ancient ruins, laid-back cafes, family-friendly museums, and stroll-able city streets.

Want to stay in a traditional white-washed house? Want a room overlooking the turquoise waters? Browse through our late deals to find the best flights + accommodation for your next trip to Greece.

Late deals to Turkey

Last-minute holidays to Turkey have never been more popular. From the mesmerizing rock formations of Cappadocia to the glittering seaside towns of Antalya, Turkey is great for a relaxing beach holiday, exploring a new city, or stepping into nature.

Turkey may seem like a far flight, but it’s actually relatively easy to sneak in a mini break if you play your cards right. Make the most of your time by booking flights + accommodation all in one, leaving you more time to plan how you’ll spend your days combing through the markets of Istanbul, soaking in the soothing waters of the Bodrum Peninsula, or hiking the mountainous Lycian way.

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When should I book a last-minute holiday?

Although last-minute deals are available year round, you’ll find the cheapest offers outside of July and August. Fewer people take holidays in May and late September, so you’re more likely to snag a summer holiday deal at a good price.

You’ll tend to find more of these “bookend” summer offers for Mediterranean destinations, which primarily cater to holidaymakers from elsewhere in Europe. Long haul destinations, like Asia, don't experience the same peaks in demand as the Mediterranean, so it’s harder to know when to look out for ultra-cheap offers.

Why book a last-minute holiday?

The main advantage to booking a last-minute holiday is the savings. As travel dates get closer, travel companies will drop their prices to avoid having empty seats on planes or vacant hotel rooms.

If you're prepared to be flexible with your destination, hotel, and/or travel dates, you could end up getting a huge discount on the original price. Be sure to check the weather report before you travel as well—another advantage to a last-minute booking is that you can choose a destination with guaranteed sunshine.

How do I book last-minute flights?

Budget airlines generally offer the best prices to those who book months in advance, so if you're planning a last-minute holiday you need to be tactical with your approach. Older, more well-established airlines are most likely to offer significant discounts for flights bought just a couple of days ahead of the travel dates.

Use price comparison sites, sign up for airline newsletters, or even contact the airline directly. As always, if you can be flexible about your dates, times, and departure point you have a much better chance of getting a good deal.

A word to the wise—while booking last-minute flights and holidays can result in big savings, it generally doesn’t leave you much time to sort out passports and visas. Be sure to choose your destination carefully and check that you have all the required, up-to-date documents BEFORE you book.