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Return flights to Budapest from £8 ✈️✈️✈️

Fly out at the end of April or in May for a few quid more

from £8 pp

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Pirates, we've found some super cheap flights to Budapest in Hungary.

Fly there on a real plane - it has wings, seats and even a pilot - all from £8* per person.

You'll probably spend more on petrol driving to the airport than you will on the flights.

Head off at the end of April from £8-£10 or during May from £11-£18.

Are you thinking, "oh what a surprise, only from London as per usual"?

Well, yes, sorry but this time they are only from London. We did look at other options but they were more expensive. Don't hate the playa, hate the plane.

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  • Budapest
  • Hungary


  • Return flights from London to Budapest, Hungary

  • Booking is via Kayak

  • April-May dates (more may be available)

When you click through on one of the links, wait for the page to fully load up as usually the cheapest prices are the slowest to update.

How to book

Example below is 27-29 April

Partner Link kayak_uk_flights_wl

More April dates from £8-£10*

May dates from £11-£18*

Please note -- *Prices are correct at time of publishing, based on the sample dates provided and are subject to fluctuation, depending on availability. Prices are subject to change. Inventory may be limited. Special T&C’s may apply.

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