Return flights to Iceland! (early summer dates)
from £32 p.p
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Head to Reykjavík for super cheap

When most people think of Iceland, they think of the Northern Lights in the winter months.

But did you know you can visit year-round?

In fact, the country is at its most colourful during the spring and summer with long bright beautiful days and the countryside is in full bloom.

We've found some cheap flights departing this June.

Be aware that under current rules this trip isn't allowed. But if you pick a flexible booking option (it's about £6* extra per person), and things haven't changed by then, you should able to move the dates quite easily.


  • Reykjavík
  • Ísland


  • Flights from London Luton to Reykjavík with Wizz Air

  • Select dates in June

  • Prices vary from £32-£39* per person

For the most up to date information on visiting Iceland, check out the FCO website below:

Additional Information

Example date: 8-17 June

Prices vary from £32-£39* per person

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Please note -- *Prices are correct at time of publishing, based on the sample dates provided and are subject to fluctuation, depending on availability. Inventory may be limited. Special T&C’s may apply.