3nt Luxe Brighton seaside group stay
from £97 p.p
Igigi 3br Flat in Brighton airbnb

Sleeps 6 w/summer and autumn dates

Take a seaside break with friends or family to Brighton! We've found a beautiful and spacious 3-bedroom stay that accommodates up to 6 people.

We've found rates from £580 for a three night (or £97* per person for three nights) for this October.

This top-rated airbnb has free cancellation for 48 hours and offers discounts for longer stays.

Travel Period

July 2021 - October 2021


  • Brighton and Hove
  • England
  • United Kingdom


  • Booking with Airbnb

  • 3-night minimum stay

  • Example date: 6-9 Sept

  • Dates spanning end of July - October

  • Brighton, England

  • Sleeps up to 6

  • Longer stay discount available for 4 nights or more on select dates

Price breakdown

Total from £580 / 6 = £97* per person for three nights

About your stay

Located in Brighton & Hove, this beautifully decorated group stay is very comfortable and cosy. You will have the entire ground floor 2-bed apartment plus a separate garden house with bedroom for your stay. To get to the garden house, you can cross through the shared garden where you can also enjoy an evening meal outside.

You will be just a short , 5-minute walk away from the seafront. There are multiple cafes and restaurants nearby or you can stay in and cook in the fully equipped kitchen. You have the option of transforming the living room into a home theater with a projected and access to Netflix.

Additional Information

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Above is an example date - we found availability from July through October.

Please note -- *Prices are correct at time of publishing, based on the sample dates provided and are subject to fluctuation, depending on availability. Prices are subject to change. Inventory may be limited. Special T&C’s may apply.


  • Igigi 3br Flat in Brighton airbnb
  • Igigi 3br Flat in Brighton airbnb
  • Igigi 3br Flat in Brighton airbnb
  • Igigi 3br Flat in Brighton airbnb
  • Igigi 3br Flat in Brighton airbnb
  • Igigi 3br Flat in Brighton airbnb
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