The Kevin + Cheese PIZZA & Traps - Holiday Classic, airbnb

Home Alone? Stay in the McCallister house on Airbnb including FREE pizza

Merry Christmas you filthy animal

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Pirates, there are movies that belong to Christmas like cookies, candy canes and ugly sweaters. Not a Christmas season goes by where we don't sit down with some popcorn and mulled wine and watch Home Alone.


  • Dallas
  • Texas
  • United States of America


Who has the voice of Kevin's mother in their head right now? If you are a real fan of the film, you will for sure watch Home Alone and Home Alone 2 every year!

In Dallas, you can rent an Airbnb that looks like the McCallister house inside!

Guests can expect a cosy living room and even a video recorder to watch cool black and white crooks films (or your favourite Christmas films).

In Kevin's brother Buzz's room, guests can take a look at the moneybox or go on a search for spiders, and you can also have a meal while Michael Jordan turns his circles on the train.

And while we're on the subject of food ... Kevin's favourite dish, a pizza with extra cheese, is of course also delivered to the guests. But please, don't be so mean to the pizza delivery guy!

If a burglar should surprise you, you are well-protected thanks to countless toy cars on the floor or full paint buckets that you can hurl at the crooks.

For one night at this Airbnb, you pay £238* plus cleaning fee, service fee and occupancy taxes and fees.

Who knows, our next party might be at the McCallister's house.