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The Ultimate 90s Airbnb Experience!

from £52 p.p

Are you still a 90s kid at heart? Don't miss the chance to turn back the clock with the ultimate 90s Airbnb experience. The Slater makes sure that every room and every detail will transport you back in time.


  • Dallas
  • Texas
  • United States of America


The Slater is located in Dallas, close to downtown and a a 5 minute walk from restaurants and bars.

The Airbnb is highly inspired by Saved by the Bell, which you can clearly see with the living room taking you through a visual journey of the opening credits for the show.

You can also grab a bite in The Max, a very striking replica of the cafeteria featured on the show and where the gang spends a lot of their free time. At night you can change the color of the lights to your favourite one.

The property sleeps 6; and has two rooms, the first one with a king-size bed; is a detailed imitation of what a girl's bedroom could have looked like back then—they even have the clear see-through light-up phones.

The boy's room has a queen-size bed and a bunk bed. Just like the previous room, this one will bring all that 90s nostalgia everywhere you look, including a life-size green power ranger cut out.

The Slater also comes with old-fashioned Nintendo 64 games and a variety of all your 90s favourite movies and morning cartoons in VHS. Just remember to "be kind, rewind".

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