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There's a place in Bali with a bamboo villa in the sky

The house has unobstructed views of the Holy Mountain, Mt.Agung

from £141

C. 'silver-tooth' Sharpe
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C. 'silver-tooth' Sharpe

Pirates, the world is opening up slowly but surely, and that means it's time to start dreaming big again. Indonesia, or Bali to be specific, has exactly what we want. Stunning beaches, a rich cultural heritage and accommodation that will knock your socks off.

This self-titled bamboo castle in the sky is very much the latter. Check it out and get inspired!

Also, just so you know, you don't have to be an influencer to visit this place. Normal people that don't have drones and take 2.5 million selfies each sunrise are also welcome.


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With views of the ocean, mountains, jungle and rice terraces, this super luxury bamboo villa has to have one of the world's best views.

The villa's name is Laputa Bali, and it can accommodate four people across two bedrooms with king-size beds, but it's out on the open terrace that this place really comes into its own.

The story goes that the owner actually found this location by flying a drone around to find the best spot on the mountain.

Laputa Bali is located in a quiet, non-touristy village of Sidemen, about 90-minutes from Bali Airport, or 60-minutes from Ubud.

The eco-friendly house was designed to exist in harmony with nature, built with sustainable bamboo and with a spacious 92sqm (970sq.ft.) space that helps with air circulation (great for hotter days in Bali).

There are no restaurants in walking distance, but brekkie is included in the price, so you can hire a scooter to find a restaurant to eat in.

One of the most indulgent features of the property if the hanging sky net, which looks out onto the panoramic views.

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You'd actually be surprised how affordable this place is, with a single night costing only £141* a night. There are boring city hotels that can cost far more than that, and to be honest, can you really put a price on seeing a sunrise here surrounded in nature?

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If you aren't convinced yet, check out some of the reviews of the property on Airbnb.

When the night falls, the bamboo house also transforms into a fantastic stargazing spot.

Have you visited Laputa Bali? Or is this on your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!

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