5* luxury in a cave? Check out these designer caves in Spain
XUQ Lomas de Ruvira
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  • 5* luxury in a cave? Check out these designer caves in Spain

Discover more about these unique abodes!

Pirates, it's our job to search the world for the most unique (and budget-friendly!) accommodations and we are happy to introduce you to the beautiful and luxurious cave-type accommodations at XUQ Lomas de Ruvira.

Located in Jorquera, Spain (less than 2 hours by car from Valencia) the caves form a sustainable tourist complex that comfortably blends nature with history. Read on to discover more!


The resort is made up of eight boutique caves that share a common terrace. Each accommodation features its own identity. In addition, they all have a private pool or Jacuzzi; allowing guests to relax without having to leave the room.

The balance between the past and the present is of great importance at XUQ Lomas de Ruvira. In fact, its external appearance - similar to that of other cave houses in the area - has been kept intact while both modern and traditional techniques were used during the interior renovations.

Because each suite is located in its own cave, they are bioclimatic; meaning they can maintain a constant temperature of somewhere between 18º and 20º throughout the year, without the need for air conditioning.

Jorquera, the town where the complex is located, is one of the most visited in the area. Take in the panoramic views of the surroundings from your terrace before visiting the stunning Hoz del Júcar. Formed around the river that gives it its name, it is the perfect place for those looking to partake in outdoor activities such as rafting or hiking.

You can reach Jorquera by first flying into Valencia and then driving 2 hours to the hotel.

Usually, unique properties such as this can cost a lot. However, this 5-star accommodation has private deluxe suites from £197 a night, and includes breakfast and your choice between a hot tub or private pool! Not too bad, right? Let us know in the comments if you would you book one!

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