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Guess who's back?👀 🏎️Chaos Karts🏎️ Live action video game experience

45% off early-bird tickets😱

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Mateys, look who's back! After a successful time in London, Chaos Karts are now making their way to Manchester from September onwards.🙌

If you loved playing video games when you were younger, or maybe not just when you were younger, then you should take a look at this amazing go-kart experience.🏎️

🔥Get 45% off early-bird tickets, from £16🔥


This racing-themed live action video game experience is out of this world, complete with varying circuit designs, pumping music and awesome usable in-kart power ups and weapons that will allow players to ‘battle’ right up.

Weapons and power-ups available for you to use against your opponents include laser guns, hammers, bombs, and speed boosts.


  • The Hammer: Swing this powerful hammer and wipe out the other players!

  • Laser Gun: Quick fire lasers at your opponents! It looks cool AND it wins you points.

  • Bomb!: A package of points for you right here! Drop behind you to stop someone in their tracks!

  • Speed Boost: Makes you go super fast

Chaos Karts uses state-of-the-art technology to produce real life sensations and reactions in a virtual world while competing against your friends to win points and ultimately the race.

This real-life video game will see you drive physical vehicles on a choice of virtual track including the Nevada desert, Florida beaches, and outer space.

Anti-collision technology prevents karts from crashing into each other, which means no helmets or driving suits are required!

You can book tickets from September this year, through to August 2024!

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