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May the 4th be with you!

Ahoy, Pirates! Does the Star Wars fever ever stop? Certainly, not with us, especially not on May the 4th! Because we love the films so much, we want to take you on a trip to our favourite locations from the Star Wars saga.

Get ready for exciting and beautiful places that belong on every bucket list — not just those of Star Wars fans.

Additional Information

1. Today we start at the very end of the Star Wars chronology, with an extraordinary island that appears in the latest Star Wars films: the planet called Ahch-To. This is the island of Skellig Michael, 12 km from Ireland's Kerry coast, which is home to an ancient monastery from the 7th century. To get there, you have to book a guided (boat) tour in advance, which leads either around the island or directly to the island.

2. Tatooine is Star Wars' cult planet and appears again and again in many different episodes. Anakin Skywalker's hometown is in southern Tunisia near Djerba, in the town of Onk Jemal. The huts of the Star Wars set from Episode I, built from gibs and wood at the time, can still be found lying in the desert. It is possible to book tours to the Star Wars village of Tatooine.

3. In Episode II, Padmé and Anakin hide together on Padmé's home planet Naboo. In this paradisiacal place they get to know each other and in the end they even get married in secret. The filming location for the romantic wedding is in Italy, directly on Lake Como on the terrace of the Villa del Balbianello. The garden and surroundings were also used almost unchanged as the landscape of the planet Naboo. The villa is open to the public and can be viewed daily.

4. Do you remember the name of the planet, where Chewbacca and the other Wookies come from? "Kashyyyk" is actually in China and is called Guilin outside of the Star Wars universe. The Karst mountains, idyllic parks, caves and pagodas make the area a magical place that you absolutely have to see. In Episode III, the infamous battle for Kashyyyk also takes place here.

5. George Lucas loves deserts. The Red Desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan was used as a filming location for the planet Jedha. The Empire's super weapon targeted this planet in Rogue One. Wadi Rum can be reached by car or bus from Aqaba and you can even spend the night in the desert camps with the Bedouins or directly under the starry sky.

6. Extreme weather climates are typical of the Star Wars planets. The ice planet Hoth from Episode V, for example, was filmed in Norway on the Hardangerjøkulen glacier. The glacier is about 200 km from Oslo. The adventure programme here allows for climbing and hiking tours at extreme temperatures!

Well, what is more awakened in you now, the desire to rewatch Star Wars or the desire to travel? Whichever it is: May the force be with you!