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Fancy a 4-day working week? The UK is launching a trial to see if it could work

You get full pay but do all of your work in 4 days instead of 5

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Reckon you could get all of your work done each week by Thursday instead of Friday?

Well, a new pilot scheme is being launched to find out.

The 4 Day Week UK Campaign pilot scheme has been launched with up to 30 British companies taking part to see whether workers can maintain 100% productivity for 80% of their time while still receiving 100% pay.

Workers will get one day off per week (not necessarily Friday) to see if their productively stays the same.

The UK trial will run alongside other trials across the US, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Similar studies have shown positive results -- in fact, when Microsoft trialled a four-day work week with no drop of pay in their Japan office, productivity went up by 40%!

What do you reckon, Pirates, could you get all your work done in four days instead of five? That leaves more time for holidays.

The deadline for signing up is 31 March 2022 so maybe give your boss a friendly nudge.

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