Sleepover with Miniature Horse Basil, airbnb uk
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Have a sleepover with a miniature horse!

Be neigh-bours with Basil

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Pirates, have you ever dreamed of having a sleepover with a miniature horse?

Perhaps not, but now you know you can, you will!

Head to Thurgarton (it's a village not too far from Nottingham), and sleep over for a couple of nights in an apartment right next door to Basil the miniature horse.

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That's right, Pirates, you and up to three others can spend a couple of days sleeping next door to Basil the miniature horse!

Fancy a sleepover? It's pretty popular, so your best bet is to book early for 2024.

You'll stay overnight in your own apartment that has a connecting door to Basil's stable. Sometimes there are baby lambs in with Basil too.

The owners have a selection of animals including a herd of Highland cows, Hebridean sheep, horses, chickens and Norwegian Forrest cats.

Guests will also have access to an open outdoor log fire with a BBQ grill, as well an outdoor tiki hut/seating area.

The apartment has a kitchen, a bathroom and space for up to four guests. You'll be free to explore and meet the other animals.