How to get a WHOPPING 54 days off using 24 days annual leave
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Magazine: For Monday - Friday working pirates!

Pirates, ever wanted to maximise your annual leave? UK workers have on average around 4 - 5 weeks of leave, meaning there's plenty of time for holidays, BUT there are few ways to stretch it even further if you are a Monday - Friday worker.

We've done the maths for you, in 2021 you just need to get the following days off (before your colleagues) and then you'll be able to kick back, relax and enjoy 54 days off work.

Get your calendars out, and let's goooo.


April: Take these 4 days off to get 10 days off

Easter weekend is this weekend and so you may be off from Friday and due to be back at work on Tuesday, however, if you get in quick and book Tuesday 6th through to Friday the 9th April you will enjoy 10 days off by only using 4 days annual leave.

May: Swap 4 days annual leave for 9 days off

There are two bank holidays in May with one being at the very end, let's start with the bank holiday at the beginning of May which lands on the 3rd, you should then book off the 4th through to the 7th giving you 9 days off in total.

June: Swap another 4 days holiday for another 9 days off

The second bank holiday lands on the 31st of May so to get another 9 days off you should book off the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th of June.

August/September: Book these 4 days off and get 9 days out of the office

The August bank holiday falls right at the end of the month on the 30th of August, so if you take 31st of August as well as the 1st - 3rd of September as annual leave you'll be off from the 28th August - 5th September to enjoy the rest of the summer sun before it disappears for the year.

December: Take 8 days holiday and turn it into 17 days off work

The festive period is the best time to really maximise your holidays. If you book the days off on either side of Christmas, the 20th - 24th December and 29th through to the 31st December as holiday, you'll be off from Saturday 18th of December going back to work on Tuesday 4th January.

So there we go pirates, 54 days off using only 24 days annual leave.


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