Move to Italy and get paid up to £24,000!
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You can choose a village in the mountains or be by the sea

Have you ever dreamed of living in an idyllic place where the sun shines all year?

Now you have the opportunity and you can get paid for it too!

That's right, the southern Italian region of Calabria wants to pay people up to €28,000 (about £24,000) to move there.

Scroll down to learn more.

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The Calabria region plans to offer up to €28,000 over a maximum of three years to people who wish to relocate to the villages of just 2,000 inhabitants in the hope of restoring the population.

Of course, as ever, there are some catches.

  • To get funding, new residents must commit to starting a small business - you can either start from scratch or take advantage of existing offers from specific professionals sought by the villages

  • Applicants must obtain residency and be no older than 40 years old

  • They must be ready to move to Calabria within 90 days of application and approval

Regional councilor Gianluca Gallo suggests that you can earn a monthly income of between €800-€1,000 for two to three years. You can also get a one-time fund to support new activities (guesthouse, restaurant, farm, shop, etc.).

Also known as 'active income from living', the project aims to increase the attractiveness of Calabria as a place to live and work in the south, and the authors hope it is a more targeted approach to revitalising small communities than one euro house sales we've seen before.

You can read more about the project on the website of the Calabria region here (in Italian).

Here are the villages involved:

  • Santa Severina

  • Civita

  • Samo and Precacore

  • Albidona

  • Aieta

  • Bova

  • Sant'Agata del Bianco

  • San Donato di Ninea

  • Caccuri