People keep having sex in the windows of this NYC hotel
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Lust for life?

Pirates, we've heard rumours about a certain NYC hotel where guests check into their hotels, open up their curtains and go at it for the world to see, but we weren't sure if there was any real truth to it.

A member of our team investigated and found that when there's smoke, there's fire.


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Enter: The Standard, High Line New York.

This 4* hotel, which boasts an excellent 4.5/5 TripAdvisor rating and a Travellers' Choice Award, is well-known in the city for its floor-to-ceiling windows - and the fact that many guests choose to put on a show for those walking the High Line below.

Understandably, some locals aren't fans of this exhibitionist's dream hotel. An article in the New York Post highlighted residents fury over the brazen antics happening in the hotel in plain sight of the rest of the neighbourhood.

But nobody can really control what people do in the privacy of their room...right?

Even if you're not into the idea of putting on (or checking out) a public peep show, the sweeping views of the Hudson River are a sight to behold too. The hotel is in walking distance of many great shopping areas, local sights and restaurants. Plus, it's home to not one, but two rooftop bars.

Would you book a stay in this hotel, pirates?