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Stay in an awesome Treehouse with alpacas🦙😍

Seen on the Netflix show 'The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals'

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Probably one of the most popular Airbnbs in the world, this treehouse was also featured by Netflix showing it on the "The World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals" show.

Located on a farm in a private bamboo forest in Atlanta, we think the best bit of the treehouse is the presence of cute alpacas and llamas!


  • Atlanta
  • Texas
  • United States of America


It's no wonder this treehouse is so popular - not every farm is home to llamas and alpacas, and the ones here are really cute and ... curious!

The Treehouse wasn't only shown on Netflix, it was advertised by Delta Air Lines, Animal Planet included it in the "Treehouse Masters" programme, it can also be seen in music videos (e.g. Trey Songz and Mayday Parade).

If you would like to organize an event here, e.g. a wedding - you can - not in the house itself, but in a bamboo barn next door.

It is worth adding that the farm has not only llamas and alpacas, but also rescued dogs, cats and chickens. All the animals seem really happy here, if you want to get to know them, here are their names: beautiful Bolivian suri alpacas (like a small llama with dreadlocks): Paloma Piper, Caitlin Tastee, Elfie Fay Von Picklesprite, and Sunny Shevoun. There are five gentle, calm llamas named Dali Llama and Llama Mia Figaro (Figgy), Campari (camel coloured), Sophie (bay brown), and baby llama Llyra.

The treehouse sleeps 2 people, in the attic there is a bedroom with a queen-size bed, on the ground floor there is a sofa if guests would like to relax. The cottage has several pieces of stained-glass, antique furniture, Victorian doors, eco-composting toilet, refrigerator, coffee maker, heating, air conditioning and electricity. If you fancy a coffee or a glass of wine - the porch or terrace will be the best place for it.

The farm also has two beautifully designed and decorated brick houses overlooking the barn, llamas and alpacas. Llama Stay Farm Cottage can accommodate 7 people and Luxury Llama Cottage accommodates 5 people. Each of them is nicely decorated.

If you are in Atlanta in the USA and would like to stay here, the cost of accommodation for 2 people is £297* + fees per night. You can check it out using the button below.