Stay in an underground motel room in the USA!
Grand Canyon Caverns Inn
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Check out the oldest, largest and deepest underground motel room in the world!

If you're looking for new and thrilling getaway ideas, lodging in a room with walls and chambers over 65 million years old might be your perfect bucket list add-on.

Located in Peach Springs, Arizona (near the Grand Canyon), the Cavern Suite is the oldest, largest, deepest, darkest underground motel room in the world!


  • Arizona


This bizarre stay rests 220 feet below ground level, and can be accessed using an elevator. While you certainly will not be getting the quintessential "room with a view" (it's completely absent of daylight), you can count on having a total silent ambience, as there are no other living things inside the cavern.

As part of the Grand Canyon Caverns & Inns hotel, this particular room has been rated an impressive 5/5 on Tripadvisor, with high praise for the hosts.

Inside the room, you will find two double beds, two sofas, a tv, record player, microwave, mini fridge, sink, and toaster.

Waters and snacks are provided for you from the hosts, completely free of charge.

Although, while available, this one of a kind stay can be a bit pricey — up to $950 a night — if split between friends, the price comes out to $158 per night per person, which is not bad if all six guests cave-in for this adventure!

If you are deeply interested in renting this room, more information can be found on the website HERE.

*Photos taken from Tripadvisor