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C. 'silver-tooth' Sharpe
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C. 'silver-tooth' Sharpe

Pirates, we've got something special for you today. Something that takes us back to 1987, and a cult movie that still sets hearts racing today, thanks to the dreamy Patrick Swayze and a truly sensational soundtrack!

Dirty Dancing was set almost entirely Kellerman's Resort, the invented name for the very real Mountain Lake Lodge, a resort immersed in the greenery of Pembroke, Virginia, in the United States.


  • United States of America
  • Virginia


The structure has been, and still is, open since 1987. Since then it's hardly changed at all, at least in the external environments and in the main structure, as well as for the park with adjoining lake, in which it is immersed.

A wooden gazebo, present in more than one scene of the film, including Johnny's dancing class when he's teaching the waltz, is also very recognisable!

Located in the middle of a 2,600-acre nature reserve and surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains, the rustic and historic Mountain Lake Lodge is the refuge where you can still breathe in the air and imagine the scenes of the movie playing out before you.

The resort offers a variety of accommodation, from rustic cabins and cozy cottages, including Baby and her family's cabin, to accommodations in the historic Main Stone Lodge. Ample spaces for large meetings set the stage for romantic weddings and events of various kinds in the heart of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.

Fancy knowing how a night will cost you? Not much at all actually! A double, this spring, can cost from £156* per night, which, especially for the USA, is not an expensive price at all. In the height of summer, the rates can increase.

Our example on 9 May 2022 shows 1 night stay - with free cancellation - for double room at £156* which is under £80 per person based on two sharing!

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Have any of you Pirates already stayed there? Let us know with your comments if you had...the time of your life there...Sorry, but we had to say it.