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Mateys, we do love an immersive experience, and we have come across the Gunpowder Plot immersive theatre experience which is located in London and is starring Tom Felton from Harry Potter as Guy Fawkes.

The immersive experience is located near the Tower of London, where you will take on an undercover mission to solve the plot.

You can buy tickets for May through to November 2023.

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What's involved

  • Meet the mysterious figures behind the plot

  • Take on an undercover mission to infiltrate their inner circle

  • Make a dangerous attempt to escape the Tower

  • Uncover a secret safehouse

  • Enjoy refreshments in the infamous ‘Duck and Drake’ as you hatch your plan

  • Make a daring journey along the Thames towards the Houses of Parliament

Price breakdown:

  • Total from £55* per person

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