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This looks awesome! Dine in an igloo in Japan 🥶

Pop-up eatery made up entirely out of snow

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Pirates, this dining experience looks awesome! Kamakura Village in Japan's Nagano prefecture has used its snowy landscape to create private Igloo-shaped huts for diners.

They pop up every winter, so, if you're planning a trip to Japan, put them on your bucket list.

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  • 🧊 Restaurant Kamakura Village is made out of snow
  • ⏰ The restaurant opens every winter (late Jan until late Feb)


The pop-up eatery serves guests lunch and dinner in 20 private snow huts. Every winter these little huts are build, and you might see on the picture, there's a miniature hut close to the bigger one. These are lit at night and look just stunning in the dark.

Order the signature dish when you're there. A centuries-old hot pot made from Shinshu Miso, Miyuki Pork, and locally grown mushrooms and vegetables.

Not only the dining experience is great here. If you go, try the sledging. You can go on a snow mobile, too.

The Kamakura Festival is usually held during the second weekend of February at the village. There's live music, various snow activities and a nighttime fireworks display!

How to get there

Iiyama Kamakura Village is a short bus or taxi ride from Iiyama Station, accessible by Hokuriku Shinkansen or bus.

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