Virtually explore the Paris Catacombs (if you dare)
Catacombs of Paris, Europe, France
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You can now explore the catacombs beneath Paris online

We've been dreaming of getting back to France for awhile now, especially with the spring season upon us.

While we might be missing April in Paris this year, it seems like the perfect time to explore the city... underneath the city that is.

Buried way under the modern metropolis rests the darker side of a Parisian past; the Paris Catacombs.


Inside these spooky tunnels — spanning about 186 miles — you'll find remains from over six million people, piled neatly on either side of a narrow path.

It's quite a surreal (and bit claustrophobic) experience, but to make it a little lighter, you can now visit the catacombs virtually from the comfort of your own home!

Les Catacombs de Paris is offering this unique experience through their website.