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There is a wine escape room馃槺馃嵎

You can only escape from this escape room by tasting no fewer than 15 wines!

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Ahoy Pirates,

Many people find an escape room so much fun, while other people prefer a glass of wine.馃檶 Well, someone had the genius idea of putting both these activities together, and in Paris you will find an escape room from which you can only escape if you drink wine, lots and lots of wine!馃嵎馃嵎馃嵎


This escape room is called Wine Gaming and the aim of the game is to use your refined taste buds to find a bottle of wine that is safely under lock and key. You step into the shoes of the mysterious Maistress Go没teurs with a group of four to six people. By comparing different wines based on colour, taste and many more aspects, you can crack the code that leads to the Final Boss of Wines.

The game lasts about an hour, where you knock back those 15 wines and try to crack the code? If you do, you can then take the bottle of wine home with you!

The game is not only made to please wine lovers, but also to teach people about oenology and wines! Do you want to participate?

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