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There's an awesome Ice Hotel in Canada w/ ice slide, ice bar & ice cocktails🧊❄️

Could you sleep in -5 degrees Celsius🥶

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Mateys, we love cool accommodation and with this next hotel we are talking 'cool' in both senses of the word.

The Hôtel de Glace is an ice hotel located in Quebec in Canada and it changes its theme every year so you won't be having the same experience if you wish to stay more than once.


  • Canada


The hotel offers many cool amenities such as snow vaults, ice sculptures, and there is a spa and winter games on offer.

Within the ice hotel you find 3 thematic ice bars, an indoor ice slide, and that all important free Wi-Fi so you can share this awesome experience on the gram.

Your hotel room in the ice hotel will be between -3 and -5 degrees Celsius and are equipped with sleeping bags and pillows.

The outdoor spas and saunas are the perfect way to heat up during this one in a lifetime stay.

When you arrive you will be welcomed with a cocktail in an ice glass - yes please!

Skiing and other winter activities are available at the nearby Village Vacances Valcartier.

Prices start from £264 per night, which is £132 per person, per night, and you can book with Trivago.

There is an outdoor water park too which opens from June onwards.