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Out of practice with holiday prep? HolidayPirates can help you decide whether you are a ‘Dora’ the Explorer or a Suitcase Aficionado

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Plans for big trips, gap years and exploring far flung destinations, have, in the most part, been dashed in 2021. But now, with the UK green list expanding and amber list restrictions relaxing, many are dusting off luggage for trips to favourite destinations, slightly nearer to home.    

If you are out of practice and wondering which type of luggage is best for a post COVID trip, then help from HolidayPirates, the leading travel deals platform, is at hand.

In the latter part of 2021, it is more than possible to be either a ‘Dora’ the Explorer with your trusty backpack or a Suitcase aficionado. The HolidayPirates travel deal hunters have shared their tips on how to match your luggage to your trip…

Rachel Miller, travel deals hunter, HolidayPirates says: “A backpack is definitely the way to go for travelling to multiple places and countries.

“Backpacks make you think a lot harder about what you are bringing. While you can squeeze more into a suitcase than a backpack, you may be tempted to take an extra outfit or pair of shoes which you both don’t need and will result in you lugging around an oversized and heavy case.

“The only time I take a suitcase now, is if I am moving or travelling back to the UK and want to stock up on things I can’t get in my adopted home of Berlin, like marmite or my favourite tea.”

“I will be travelling through Croatia in October for two and a half weeks and I don’t want to add extra luggage (and pay more) so I will travel with just a backpack that fits the airline’s hand luggage size requirements. I have just bought a new 29L backpack which has several compartments including one for my laptop.”

Rachel’s tip on making sure you have everything you need fits is making sure you wear the heaviest and bulkiest items when you travel. “Although don’t do a James McElvar, she advises.

Despite the many reasons to travel with a backpack, a recent survey* carried out by HolidayPirates has revealed that in fact the vast majority (nearly 77%) of their social media followers prefers to jet off for holidays with a suitcase.

Rachel’s colleague, Daniel Conway says: I would strongly recommend a suitcase if you don’t want to be carrying a hot and heavy load on your back. As I’ve got older, I am more likely to stay in a hotel for a few nights, so am not moving around so much.

“Plus, a suitcase is easier to open and you can find what you need immediately.

“Suitcases, particularly those with a hard shell offer better protection for your possessions and keep your clothes looking smart. Although remember the weight implications when flying. A suitcase with wheels is an easy option for any kind of trip, particularly for quick, city getaways like weekend breaks to Bucharest or Riga. Make sure you have a lock – preferably a combination – in case you lose the key for a regular padlock – although you do have to remember the sequence!” 

 * An online poll surveyed 1,766 users in the UK in August 2021.


About HolidayPirates: HolidayPirates is a leading travel deals platform and app, which curates and compiles the best travel deals from countless websites and travel partners for cheap flights, hotels, travel packages, vouchers, bus and train deals. Fans and followers stay up to date by setting custom alerts on apps, following on social media, subscribing to newsletters or simply visiting one of the websites. HolidayPirates has websites in the UK, Austria, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland and the USA and each travel portal in the group operates fully independently of the operators and partners.

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