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How tech changed the way we travel

Tuesday 11 October 2022

Modern technology has changed the way we live, work and holiday. Naturally, we were curious to discover the exact extent to which technology makes travel easier, so a recent survey of our loyal pirates sought to answer the question: How is tech really helping us travel? We asked about everything from the modern remote work lifestyle and digital detox to the specific apps and tools that transform the travelling experience. The findings were interesting - we’ve condensed them into some handy info-graphics to browse at your convenience.

Remote work has been a serious paradigm shift. It looks set to stick around and represents a fundamental change in the way people live their lives. Here at HolidayPirates, we know from personal experience that it makes travel easier and the numbers would appear to back that up! All across the world, folks are able to choose their holiday more freely, no longer beholden to strict office hours and in-person attendance. If your job allows for it, why work from a cubicle when you can set up somewhere a little more interesting? Many of our respondents said that the flexibility offered by remote work allows them to save money on holiday by choosing cheaper dates. So it’s not just about lifestyle, travel tech also affects our bottom line!

Appwise, the age of GPS and digital mapping appears to have created the most important change, with approximately 80% of every market we surveyed highlighting the importance of a good maps app on holiday. This means navigation apps are approaching ubiquity, and while we definitely predicted they would be in high demand the numbers suggest they are considered almost essential.

When it comes to holiday activities it seems reviews are very important to holiday makers. This makes sense as you no longer have to base your expectations on marketing material alone and your fellow holiday makers get to tell you the truth, no holds barred about your hotel, destination or transportation. Naturally the nature of internet reviews means you really need a good number of them to build an accurate image of any given service or product, but clearly our survey says that travellers are taking reviews into serious consideration when designing their dream holiday, or potentially even just looking for inspiration.

We had our hunch about travel and technology becoming more intertwined but we also felt it was important to ask if holidays can sometimes also serve as an escape from all of that. When asked if they engaged in any form of digital detox on holiday, social media appears to be the biggest culprit. Approximately 70% of our respondents reported attempting to reduce social media use while on holiday, and who can blame them. Mr Zuckerberg has a lot to answer for it seems!

All in all, there were a few surprises in the data we gathered, and we’re grateful to be in a position to offer these insights into how tech helps us travel. Ultimately, knowing all this gives us useful info we can use to better bring holiday inspiration to pirates all over the world and we look forward to using it to make more travel dreams a reality. We regularly conduct surveys just like this to learn as much as we can, so stay tuned for more!

You can find all the info graphics here:

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