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Avoid this fine on French motorways... 🛣️

In order to tackle congestion in big cities and pollution, France has changed its highway code.

Some roads have already changed or will change to lanes that ONLY carpoolers, electric vehicles and taxis can use.

So, something to be aware of, in case your vehicle doesn't fit the description, as there is a fine attached...

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Pirates, are you planning on going to France by car? Then pay extra attention to this regulation you might not have heard of!

France has introduced a new type of lane on motorways. This new lane is specially designed for carpoolers (cars with more than two occupants).

In addition, you may also use this lane if you have a Crit'Air 0 logo, which are awarded to low-emmission cars, electric vehicles and taxis.

The new measurement was introduced to encourage more environmentally friendly driving behaviour.

The lanes are identified by a white diamond-shaped logo on a black or blue background.

So far, the logo can only be found on the A48 near Grenoble and the A6/A7 (M6/M7) near Lyon. Artificial intelligence-based flash units are used to count the number of occupants.

Forbes is reporting that Paris’ famed ring road, the périphérique (a bit like the M25) will change after the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in order to include a carpool lane.

What's the fine, you might ask. It's €135, or €90 in case you pay it immediately.